[SOLVED] How do i make a walk/run cycle animation for this custom rig?

Hello everyone!

Im having some problems with an animation (i don’t know how to make it more logic or realistic)
The animation is for a custom rig (the rig is R15)!

Here is what i made for now: https://streamable.com/23jmw9 (Click it after answering please, it helps a lot)

I tried lots of times improving it, but i don’t know how to make it look more logic/coherent/realistic… :frowning:

Where do i start making the animation and how? Please include videos or images if possible!

Here is the model, maybe it can help: CannonWatermelon.rbxm (2,0 MB) DO NOT USE IT FOR YOUR GAMES UNLESS YOU GIVE CREDIT

Thank you!

The beginning of the video look nice u just need to add some more movement to the head. Try making the head go up and down when each leg goes up.

So if the right leg goes up the right side of the head will go up and same for the left leg

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Sorry but, can you please send me a video/image about what do you mean? it will be easier to understand for me, because i don’t understand it at all.

Thank you! @KagTheConqueror

I think that i understand it now: https://streamable.com/xm2rrf

Just no getting on devforum looks nice maybe try to make it more smooth by adding the in and out directional movements good luck