[Solved]Any ways to load a character with a custom look?

i was asking myself if there’s any possible ways to load a character with a custom appearance , for example , i have a dummy in the workspace and i want my character to have the same look
so i can finish my in game avatar switcher.


Disable StarterPlayer.LoadCharacterAppearance to stop all players’ character appearances from loading. They will appear as the dummy does.

That’s not what im looking at that was just an example , im asking if theres a way to get any custom characters in the workspace look.

In that case, you can use the fancy new humanoid descriptions. You can learn about them here:

Thanks ! i’ll take a look at it.

You just want a custom rig to spawn in as the player?

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yeah without the StarterCharacter because it applies to every single players

as @Dandystan mentioned, HumanoidDescriptions are your best solution here. You can set them to individual players easily.

yeah but how to edit the avatar type such as r6 and r15

I am pretty sure Humanoid Descriptions only work for R15 as of right now, Considering all the avatar properties it has unlike R6.

i found out how to do this by trying multiple things , thanks everyone who tried helped !

Would you mind explaining what “multiple things” you tried in order to solve your problem?