Some Mobile players unable to interact with guis in my game

I’ll leave a response here because the same problem occurred for me as well. I checked to see if the .Active overlapping problem was causing some of my buttons to be suddenly unresponsive to .MouseButton1Click, but none of the overlapping ui elements had .Active set to true (Image labels, Scrolling frames, etc).

What fixed it for me was bumping up the zIndex of my unresponsive buttons by 1. This fix might only work specifically for my layout, but it might be worth trying for others experiencing the problem. I don’t know the exact underlying problem that this fixed, but I do know that it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the .Active property in my case.

The item buttons (in the large grid on the left) are what broke image

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I’d like to add to this topic and suggest that the Active property of Gui Objects don’t contribute to the bug being reported. Within my store page in Flood Escape 2 when listing items, some buttons work whereas others do not. The only Gui Objects with the Active property enabled are the Ancestral ImageButtons which hold other Gui Objects in place for details such as item appearance, price and currency, all of which have the Active property disabled. They do not share screen space with any other Active Gui Object and so I believe Active is not the issue here.

While I use MouseButton1Click for interacting with my GUI, I believe that it wasn’t intentional to hamper its functionality on Mobile devices for the sake of abundance.

You can test the functionality for yourself at Flood Escape 2:

With the repro file I added the bug is reproducible with nothing other than a ScrollFrame and an ImageButton. On the mobile emulator with ScrollFrame.Active set to true the button clicks are not received. I tested this with Activated and MouseButton1Click events. This matches the in game issue on mobile devices as well. Once the ScrollFrame was not Active mobile users can use the gui properly.

Setting Active to false is a temporary fix for this and not the ideal solution. If the ScrollFrame is not completely full I don’t want users to be able to activate items that may be underneath. Which is the point of making it Active in the first place.

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Looks like the bug here is with mouse input. If I put a button below a scrolling frame, you should not be able to click it thru the scrolling frame. I’ll take a look into a fix for this.

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Thanks for getting onto this, this is a pretty serious issue considering this is how players on the mobile platform purchase ingame currency on many titles. I’ve included a graph from my own title to show the impact of this bug over the past 2 weeks, with mobile revenue dipping to ~50% in most cases.

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