Some people cannot open Team Create when other people are in the TC server

In this particular team create game, which is owned by me, the other two people who are able to edit it have trouble opening it in studio when I or another person is editing the game. I have no trouble opening the place in studio when other people are currently editing. The people who are invited to edit are @InfernoViper and @EverBrinn. @scornox and @rhysmeisterr also had the same issue when they were able to edit the place.

This is the error message that pops up:


Log files:


has been happening for around a month. not easy when work needs to be done on a timeline. please fix!!

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It’s not really covered since his issue could be another issue than the issue from the person in the other thread.

May you add the Log as a text, since the link doesn’t go anywhere?

This has been happening to me too, as well as being unable to join existing game servers and I get forced into a server on my own in some cases.

It’s supposed to be like that.