Some places were reset; reverting impossible!

Since 3/21/2019 / 3:13:26 AM a few places were reset on my group Universal Development.
The revert option seems to be completely erased with just an empty baseplate as option.

I don’t know what happened here, but just a few minutes ago I found out it happened!

Applicable places (so far):


This is weird, someone else had there’s duplicated, yours is reverted…

I think we need some Bug Hunters here…

I really don’t know how we can help because I’m not an expert but is there anyone else in your group who can edit games?

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Yes, but devs can’t erase the version history, right?

Well, they can’t because technically only Roblox databases can, maybe it’s in a different game? Check all your games and if it’s there.

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It’s always been there.

Then that’s very interesting, we might actually have to get a contributor here if I am correct?

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Not sure what the rules on that are… :sweat_smile:

Weird, I haven’t encountered this issue.

The date created is also set 3/20/19. I don’t understand.

Might be false positive for broken games(with no starting place).

I’m not completely sure, but is there any possible relation to this post?


I have encountered a change in my games but not any duplicates or reverses. I found myself with a game that had no starting place. Looks like they fixed a baseplate in it. I’m pretty content with that issue…

I think Roblox needs to look through this again and see if they triggered, again, false positives. If not, it’s probably stored elsewhere. :thinking:

Good thing I always have local copies of my games, so I don’t lose track of them upon a bug.

Add this to ROBLOXCRITICAL + label it on the title


Not critical according to guidelines – please make sure to read them for future reference:

Once confirmed that this occurs on multiple games we can restore the tag.


Can confirm this happened to several of my places:

A couple of them are actually duplicates, like DYBO - Tutorial, StudioTesting and DYBO Dev. Others I’ve never even seen before like DYBO 1.0.1 (I didn’t have any places marked like this).

The only place that appears to be outright missing is “Building” but I can’t remember what was in that one I haven’t opened it in a while. Also all of these places have recent IDs and say they were created today and yesterday. I didn’t create any places today or yesterday.


We created a start place for every game which did not have one as outlined here. This did not destroy any data but you may now have more places than you previously had.


You should check the game panel in your places, I don’t think they were reset but misplaced as another place in the universe. The starting place became a baseplate(another place) and you have to search for the previous place somewhere in there.

Did you check your places and not only your games? I’m certain they are still there.

This only serves as a problem since now we have to scroll through even more places due to updated places no longer taking the top of the Places list, like it did over 3 years ago.


I lost a day worth of work because of this issue :confused:


This isn’t an issue anymore since the release of archiving. Just remove your unused places.

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496 places to archive. No thanks tbh.

I’d rather have the legacy function of the Places / Games page be restored.

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It’s one and done. I spent 30 minutes archiving like 300 something places the other day. It isn’t really that bad.

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