Some small Humanoid/Character movement improvements released!


This was so frustrating :happy3:
Time to re-script some stuff.


Since walking down stairs is smoother i now don’t have to use wedges anymore!


This is amazing. I hated how when I was testing on Studio and when I anchor a walking NPC, the HumanoidRootPart still moves. Glad this is fixed!


So this means that the spacebar-to-game reaction time is faster now? That’s awesome!


Is anchoring the humanoid root part only for preventing jumping or walking or both? You can still walk around just you cant jump


The change is only active with the new Physics Solver. If you have Workspace.TemporaryLegacyPhysicsSolverOverride set to true, this will not work.

Also requires latest Studio, (367). You may need to restart Studio if you haven’t today.

Regression: Anchoring the HumanoidRootPart no longer freezes the character

Amazing! The anchoring of the HumanoidRootPart was bugging me alot, thanks!


Yeah. Someone reported it here as a recent regression. I started typing something along the lines of “I’m pretty sure this isn’t a new regression and has been the case for 5 years at least…” and realized how bad that sounded…


My main problem was when I wanted to set WalkSpeed to 0 but it would not work, and anchoring would make the mob/character fall down and become buggy…


I’m glad that’s getting fixed up! Now I don’t need to put wedges under the stairs to make walking up stairs smother. :sweat_smile:


A neat trick :thinking:


Thanks, I have been using it for a while now since its been bugged. So I kinda had to adapt to it I guess you could say.


That would be a great feature, however it should really be a toggleable thing. For some games it could be strange to have something like that.


Thank you SO MUCH for these improvements, I never noticed the small jump delay, but that humanoid anchoring issue… Oh how it vexed me! And ANY improvement now matter how small to humanoid movement is so needed, now to fix the animation’s y offsets, to scale with size, so smaller characters are not bouncing around like popcorn when they walk.


You can really feel this change when holding down spacebar.


This’ll help a ton!
The HumanoidRootPart issue was a serious pain in the past.


Your comment just impacted to me how much of a blessing this update is. :grin:
Walking up the stairs smoother?.. maybe another update for another time. :man_shrugging:


I don’t know if this should be fixed or not, but it’s now possible for players to jump up 11 stud tall walls, and possibly even 12 stud walls. (Also, players appear to have slightly weaker jumps, as some far apart jumps are now significantly harder.)


It’s becus you’re using shift-lock. It’s still impossible for people who don’t use it.


The jump can be done without shift lock/first person, but it’s significantly harder to pull off.