Something's wrong with ROBLOX Player? [Discord overlay]

So recently, ROBLOX Player hasn’t been working properly for me at all. It hasn’t been responding to any requests by my keyboard and mouse. In fact, it just freezes. Everything in game is still functioning as it should but I can’t move my mouse at all and I can’t use my keyboard at all either.

Now I know it’s not easy to tell but my mouse is frozen in place and I can’t move my character at all in this.

I also noticed it happening to only 1 other person.

I’m not sure how many other people are affected by this bug as well but it’s a troublesome one. (I’m also not sure if anyone has reported this already)


Mind telling us if you’ve tried other hardware?

Thanks for reporting. Do you have a repro file or game links this issue is occurring at? We will definitely look more into it.

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I haven’t.

If you have any spare mice or keyboards laying around the house, giving those a try may be a good idea. Otherwise, assuming your input works well with everything else on what looks like Windows 8.1, does this behavior replicate in Roblox studio?

Alot of Roblox critical’s today, hmmm.


I don’t have a repro file and it’s been happening in every game I join on the site.

It doesn’t happen in any application but ROBLOX Player.

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Thanks for reporting this issue. Can you try to disable your discord overlay and see if that fixes your issue? Please let us know if it does.


It’s fixed now! Thanks.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


A ticket has been filed internally about the issue.

Are you using Windows and do you know if the users who are impacted by this issue are also using it?

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Win8 is dead at this point but there may be some people still running it. So this is a bug on windows 8? I’ve tried to turn on discord overlay for Roblox to no success on windows 10.

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Apparently 7 is very popular still, but even Vista is used to date :grinning:


Yeah, we’re both using Windows.

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Carl uses Windows 10.