Sorry about this but I don’t know here to post this question…

Is there a way I could edit my game while playing it?

… like is there like a GUI or something that I can use to edit a game while playing it, like editing scripts?

I believe what you are trying to do are called “Live Updates”, and they should be pretty small changes normally. Try searching it up on Youtube if you have trouble with doing it.

What @MistahSplootch is refering with this to is “Live Events” take for example jailbreak’s Live Events, here is a video you can use as reference, if that is your question:

Instead what I think what @smowish012 means to ask is changing the code source a script. A post was made prior to this post about changing a script’s source code: Script Source Changing, they use loadstring() this is basically a function which turns string into code:


If I am right you are unable to change the actual source code of a script, instead you are able to run a script.

(I have never used loadstring() prior so any facts I have stated about loadstring() could be wrong.)

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No, there isn’t a way to achieve this. Your nearest approach is to be able to execute / run code via the Developer Console (can be accessed by pressing F9 while on the app).

Well, Its impossible if you are playing on Roblox Client, AKA playing on game after publishing it on roblox.


If you are asking while playing on Studio, it will work, just hit play to play the game on studio, and then open explorer and select the script you need to edit, and then edit it.