Sound hasn’t worked since audio update

It works in studio fine. All audios have a check mark and were uploaded by the group the game is made in. It worked perfectly before the audio update came into place. What can I do?
It’s hard to troubleshoot this because it’s working fine in studio, just not the live game.
Any help is appreciated

Re-upload it and change your id (in script) to the new id.

I already did reupload everything and changed ids when the update came out back in march

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is there no solution for this :smiling_face_with_tear:

Have you tried granting permissions?

Put you game’s id here:

(This menu can be found in your sound’s settings on roblox page not in studio!)

I did this aswell.
But I double checked my audio, and they aren’t playing in the previews when I click the button if this could mean something?
They are playing fine in studio, but I’m thinking maybe the previews not working can also be part of my issue.

Okay, so I’m not sure how audio is being reviewed now, but I think that this audio is still processing or maybe it got banned because of copyrights. And you can play this in studio because it got cached on your pc. What type of audio did you upload?

I uploaded a bunch, some music and some simple sound effects all back in March a few days before the update. Everything worked fine a day or two after the update was in effect. I decided to come back to the game recently, to find that none of my sounds were working besides official Roblox ones. If it was copyright, would I have gotten a notice? It doesn’t say anything so I wouldn’t know for sure if it was copyright. (It could be honestly)

I tried on two different PCs, and they both work fine on studio so I don’t think its the PC.

Should I try reuploading everything again? It was a lot of work but if I absolutely HAVE to…

I’m sorry to hear that but I don’t have any new ideas so I think that reuploading everything is the only solution. Maybe you will find something useful in this post: [Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio. If you decide to reupload everything remember that you can upload only 10 audios per month so that’s another problem. :frowning:

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Alright, thank you for your help, I really appreciate it :smile:

(maybe will just scrap the game and keep it as a memory, it’s not that good anyway haha)

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