Sound script issue

So I’m basically in the early workings of creating a kill streak announcer thing like you’d see in Halo. Anyway, my issue is that if this function is called many times in a row. After like 10 calls in a row, the sound will keep on playing (and wont remove after the 1 second) Is there a max number of functions that can be run using task.delay()?

How can I better do this?

function playSound(soundID, timePosition) 
		local announcer ="Sound") 
		announcer.Name = "Killstreak"
	announcer.Parent = game.Players.LocalPlayer
	announcer.SoundId = soundID
	announcer.TimePosition = timePosition
	task.delay(1, function()

So an update on roblox. Every audio that is longer than 7 seconds (i think) is not playing…
If you didnt use an audio more than 7 seconds. Then it might be a problem about the script

The audio is longer than 7 seconds. So sorry what’s the issue?

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Here is the devforum page of the audio update. (It is 6 seonds srry).
If your audio isnt your and its more than 6 seconds. It will not play

What? That’s not what I’m asking. This is my audio. The problem is that the audio instead of just playing 1 second, after the function gets called a bunch it will play the entire audio clip (the remove function isn’t working) or it’s like their is a max que to how many times you can call task.delay()?

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Oh sorry my bad, i think it was a problem about the updates.

try using a Debris on the sound for 1 second.

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