SpellCraft, my newborn baby project, completely new concept [*no sarcasm what-so-ever*]

Just built a spell crafting pvp game after 4 weeks of non-stop development, no team, just me and 8 years worth of unfinished roblox games, abandoned minecraft mods, and a failed web developer career. I want to yeet my newborn baby into the dark abyss of the roblox dev forums and leave it to fend for itself against the starving wolves

robloxapp-20211213-1322529.wmv (6.3 MB)

I have big plans for this project if it gets enough traction, but for now I need to rest my mind, soul, and body as I haven’t eaten, showered or done my laundry since I started, and now when I look in the mirror I see this

Feel free to try it out and share your feedback, any and all opinions are greatly appreciated!
Is it fun? Is it boring? Is there anything I can add or change? Should I cry myself to sleep and keep dreaming of gaining a player base? Let me know!


10/10 would recommend


At least the icon and thumbnail looks good! :laughing:

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whoops my bad :joy: did not know I had to set it public on roblox studio as well

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I already managed to break my game :frowning:
Also, building-wise, the skybox and lighting doesn’t match really well.

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You should make the water a lot darker. Pond water is super hard to see through other than that I think it looks pretty cool.

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turned on infinite mana for now please post any other errors u might find, and I’ll work on the map lighting and water as well when I get back, gotta pick up my sis from school

The game looks cool! I liked the countless possibilities and the variations plus it was all very smooth! I think with some proper advertising this game could be a success!

p.s. how did you do the lightning effect? looks really cool!

thanks, for the lightning I used this plugin