"Sponsor" button greyed out?

I recently uploaded my game to a group in preparation to release it, but I’ve found that I can’t sponsor it.

Could this be because I have the “ROBLOX” name/logo in my game thumbnail? It’s just a screenshot of my avatar and it’s not on the icon itself.

The error I’m getting:


The game in question:

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Oh. That’s weird how they do that. Why is this rule in place? It seems like it just hurts new developers.

Not at all, it’s mainly to stop rapid spreading of condos or inappropriate games.
Even big devs will have to wait a few days in order to sponsor a newly published game.
Usually it’s 3-7 days.

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Yeah I guess your average developer wouldn’t run into this very often (usually games take more than three days to make). I only ran into it because I was moving my game.

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