Spook.exe Portfolio

I want to have something on the side that relates to programming, scripting. I wish to work for a group/community and create scripts, and hopefully programs.
I have worked for many groups but wanted to engage in something for myself so I started a Company which is called Paradox Games And we launched our very first functional game in 2023 during the summer holidays which is a high level obby with many Front end and Back end programs
Game I can say I have 2 Years of experience in lua and I am still willing to learn if I have to
I have also contributed to the codebase of a Driving game by helping their main programmer in the Ui and helping him build his very own Chasis System here’s the game link Game

I can write C++ Programs,Build websites and Lua and I have recently started hoping on Python


Triple Jump Obby


I contributed to Anime Odyssey with over Anime Odyssey
I contributed to Drive