Squishy effect [Help]

I’m trying to make a squishy 2d ball and Roblox doesn’t have any squishy bouncing effects so I decided to script one. So with the power of body positions and beam constraints I made this awful squish effect:

How it works is theres a big invisible sphere in the middle of the blob and around it is tiny spheres and attachments around it. The attachments are a perfect circle around the big sphere and the tiny spheres are the points for the blob.

the code, gets the big sphere’s velocity then goes through all the attachment points and gets the direction to the spheres position + the velocity. after getting that, the blob points new location is the opposite direction + the velocity.

red is spheres velocity and the blue is the pointing thing

It doesn’t really work and doesn’t give the effect I want, I want to be able to manipulate these blob points so if I grab one of these points and put it into the air the others follow it.

I cant find anything on coding squishy stuff pls help, anything would be nice

also anyone making a tank game these things would look really cool on tanks (its just setting the blobs points to the attachment points)

ok thanks for reading and I hope u have good day,


Have you seen this? Might be your solution.

Well it looks like it works but I believe the change in velocity is too harsh. To amend this I believe you can lerp the points between the old one and the new one to smoothen the effect out.