Staircase | Detailed build

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10/10 build

also wheres the image?


It’s still being uploaded obviously

Also where’s the 11 rating (For reals you need to re-send the file for it to replicate on the post )

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Fixed, was doing other stuff. Thanks for spotting flaws anyway.

agreed, nothing much to add anymore, its perfect already

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Never knew a virtual staircase could look this good. 10/10 dude. How long did this take you to make?


Approximately 22.222 minutes, with an uncertainty of ±2.222 minutes.

This looks somewhat like the Pyongyang International Airport. I would lower the reflectance on the stairs and simplify the railings. You don’t need a bunch of detail if it looks better without.

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22 minutes??? What!! This would have taken me weeks even maybe a month to make. Very great job :+1:

WOW!!! you’re REALLY TALENTED. normally this would take even the best builder’s DAYS to make a build with such detail.

HAHA LOL but I wasn’t trying to build it.

Nah, I enjoy my detail. But next time I should lower the sheer reflectance by using a lighter Roughness map.

That looks entirely realistic! But the “uneven” parts for the second flight could be more outward, and the stairs by themselves could be a little bigger/ more spread out.

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Sadly, it’s 0.5x0.5 in size. Any bigger would cause humanoids to have to jump up them.

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This part is cut off.

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I forgot to set the Reduce Lag UI to prevent these issues, however for now I guess one has to live with reduction of lag causing logical issues.

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