STAR WARS Thumbnail

Hey Developers! My server has recently got 100 members and I’d like to celebrate with a few things like getting our Nitro Boosts up and levels. This means I need a thumbnail.

The thumbnail should look good for a budget, I do have money, but I dont wan’t to go over 2-3000 funds or 20$~

Some small detail would be, that its a star wars logo/render and you will be using custom models for the render.

DM me on Discord ONLY at JCS#2554


USD payment is preferred as my current robux funding is being saved for Advertisements and our actual game.

I could do the job for you, I already have a star wars related thumbnail!

I don’t think I want pre-made thumbnails, could be stolen/ re-sold

It’s not, I made it yesterday.

I’m okay at thumbnail making, but since I’m not the best, you can lower the price.
Do you want an example of a thumbnail I’ve already made?

Still not looking for pre-mades. Sorry!

Contact me on discord please

I will send you a friend request on discord


interesting… portfolio (i use devforum and not discord, sorry if thats a deal breaker)

Interested! My Portfolio: Xeveryi - Logo,Icon,Graphics Designer Portfolio

I can do the job. My portfolio:| Experienced graphics designer | [CLOSED]

i can do this, Booderman529 - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt sent you a FR on discord

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