Staying on Moving Object

I’ve noticed on games such as Jail break, your character snaps onto the moving trains smoothly. I was wondering how its possible to do this? I know the trains are moving by the default physics.


I’m pretty sure it should automatically do this. ROBLOX released an update last year that made characters move smoothly along with the object that they are standing on.

No it doesn’t.

It won’t work if you just change the CFrame of the part by scripts.

Thats not what im doing.

If there is auto support for this, its horrible.

Are you using custom characters? If you CFrame your characters every step, that might mess with how Roblox handles characters on moving platforms.

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So, if i’m not, how effective is Roblox’s?

Is it smooth when viewed by other players? Jail break has it really smooth, and their camera (idk if it’s the default or custom one) works like a jewel with it.

Yes, it is smooth. I remember a gif Roblox posted with the update. Looked great.

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I’m fairly sure Jailbreak does this theirself with local parts and a bit of magic.

This post describes how Roblox handles it for you:

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Yes, it does work automatically. Roblox pushed out an update last year. Source:

If it’s not working for you, that means you’re probably setting the CFrame of the character or doing something else that’s interfering with the physics system, as mentioned in above replies.


Roblox does this automatically. Jailbreak has a custom cam which rotates to follow the carts rotation, while they have a custom system to allow jumping, im unnaware rn on how their custom system works, but i do know that it seems to have a limit height, and you dont have to stand on the train.

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Tyridge gave an explanation to how jailbreak handles players on moving platforms (even before the Roblox update) here: Jailbreak train platform system?