Steam VR and Roblox Studio are forcibly linked

As of today’s update, (6/22/2023) whenever I open Roblox Studio, Steam VR is forced open as well.
Attempting to close Steam VR also Closes Roblox Studio, so it’s now impossible to use Studio without VR enabled.

I’ve tried removing Studio from my Steam library, but it had no effect.
Also, only Steam VR is opened, not Steam itself which is odd as well.

I really need a way around this behavior as I use Studio for my livelihood so any help or insight into what’s happening would be greatly appreciated.


Got a response from Roblox and it seems this is indeed a new bug.
They say they’ll fix it in about a weeks’ time, which is better than nothing.

For a temporary fix, you can rename the “SteamVR” folder located at ...\Steam\steamapps\common to something else.
Remember to undo the name change when the fix is live or if you want to play anything using VR.

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