Steam'd Cafe Public Handbook

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This guide book will consist of all the information needed within the Steam’d Community. Page through as you wish, and find any information you need. If anything is not disclosed here, and you believe it should, contact at SR, and we’ll provide you with the information needed.

Steam’d is a unique cafe group, who strives to put a smile on each customer’s face. Steam’d leaves you in distraught with our modern architecture, innovating scripting, and our organized staff team.

Our trainees wait for each customer to come up to their register to serve them with delight and pleasure. We thank you for choosing Steam’d, and we cannot wait to show you what’s to come.

This document consists of Steam’d information, along with Steam’d’s places.

Customer/Staff Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct is a set of guidelines in which every staff member, including high ranks, and all customers MUST follow at Steam’d. We do this to ensure the safety of our members and to ensure the community is fun for all.


As a staff member at Steam’d, we’d like if you can introduce yourself in an ideal way. Stay inviting of everyone around you, and do your best to stay positive, supportive, and aware. On the off chance that you are to get into a contention with somebody, please handle the circumstance properly, without acting adolescently or being contrarily accusatory of another. We comprehend there are circumstances where it is important to multi-errand, and you may end up plainly pushed. Regardless of the case, please stay aware towards kindred staff-individuals and clients. Unseemly and hostile jokes won’t go on without serious consequences, as we might want to give a protected and engaging setting for everybody.


At Steam’d, we’d appreciate if everyone dressed appropriately. Any inappropriate packages, messages, or clothing worn on your character will be accounted for and reported to our high rank staff immediately. We do require a shirt and pants to be worn while at any of Steam’d’s servers. All middle and high positions should dress suitably, and all lower positions ought to be wearing the uniform situated in the group store. The inability to dress appropriately will result in a warning, demotion, kick, or ban, contingent upon every situation.


Responsibility is such a crucial concept to be using Steam’d. You must include this task when you attend shifts at the cafe. You should take responsibility around the kitchen, things such as orders, greetings, grammar, and walking OUT the kitchen to be AFK. This aspect is very essential to benefit from, as it will support your way to becoming an MR. It’s also your assignment to review the recipe guide and learn how to manufacture the drinks and creating them.


Hinting is when you are craving for a promotion, so that wouldn’t lead you anywhere. Promotions are earned and should be acclaimed for. Hinting is such a dreadful thing to request for. People who are constantly asking for a promotion will receive a warning or a strike that’s permanent. If they continue to act or hint, they would get demoted and a removal from the staff team. We do not tolerate hinters or people that are here just for promotions.


Demotions are caused by your actions. Demotions are for the following reasons: inactivity, not attending sessions, not hosting sessions, not supervising, or technically not showing that you actually care for Steam’d. Demotion appeals are always open, and will only be looked at by emhuhly. Depending on the reason for your demotion, your appeal may be accepted or declined. Demotions should allow you to realize and summarize your mistakes. Once fired or demoted, you must work your way up.

If you have any questions regarding the Code of Conduct, please let the Staffing Director or the Vice President know.

How do I become a Staff Assistant?

How do I become a Staff Assistant?

This thread is for all the Senior Baristas who are looking for a spot in the Steam’d management team! We know that all the Senior Baristas want to become Staff Assistant, but we do have requirements that you must pass. If you don’t pass these requirements in order to become a Staff Assistant, you unfortunately cannot take the exam.


  • You must be part of the group for at least 2 weeks.

  • You CANNOT have safechat.

  • You must have constructive grammar and spelling.

  • You must have Discord and be in the Steam’d Discord server.


To become a Staff Assistant, you must meet all the requirements above. We do not accept those who ask about becoming a Staff Assistant. You must be recognized and recommended by the Barista Advisor or Executive Staff+ in order to receive a Staff Assistant Exam.

We look at those who are helpful to customers and staff, those who know how to make each drink, those with grammar and spelling, and generally those who are kind to one another.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Staff Assistant exams or the process, please let the Staffing Director know.

Barista Recipe Guide


Mug + Coffee Beans + Regular + Milk = Regular
Cup + Coffee Beans + Regular + Milk + Ice = Iced Regular
Mug + Coffee Beans + Decaf + Milk = Decaf
Cup + Coffee Beans + Decaf + Milk + Ice = Iced Decaf
Available with cream and/or sugar.

Speciality Coffees:
Mug + Coffee Beans + Espresso = Espresso
Cup + Coffee Beans + Espresso + Ice = Iced Espresso
Mug + Coffee Beans + Espresso + Regular + Milk = Latte
Cup + Coffee Beans + Espresso + Regular + Milk + Ice = Iced Latte
Mug + Water + Coffee Beans + Espresso = Americano
Cup + Water + Coffee Beans + Espresso + Ice = Iced Americano
Speciality Coffees available with three flavors: Vanilla, Caramel, Mocha, and Gingerbread
Available with cream and/or sugar.

Mug + Water + Green Tea = Green Tea
Cup + Water + Green Tea + Ice = Iced Green Tea
Mug + Water + Black Tea = Black Tea
Cup + Water + Black Tea + Ice = Iced Black Tea
Mug + Water + Peach Tea = Peach Tea
Cup + Water + Peach Tea + Ice = Iced Peach Tea
Mug + Water + Lemon Tea = Lemon Tea
Cup + Water + Lemon Tea + Ice = Iced Lemon Tea
Available with sweetener.

Christmas Menu:
Mug + Milk + Mocha = Hot Chocolate

Mug + Water + Peppermint Tea = Peppermint Tea
Cup + Water + Peppermint Tea + Ice = Iced Peppermint Tea

NEW Peppermint flavor able to go with any speciality coffee like other flavors


Cafe: [Steam'd] - Roblox
Training Facility: Training Center - Roblox
Application Hub: Application Center - Roblox
GROUP: [Steam'd] - Roblox

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