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Hello! I am Swinsor, the head of development at Airplo.

We are currently looking for a UI designer who can create UI’s for our systems and products. All you have to do is design them and assemble them in studio, we will script them and such.

The pay will be a (negotiable) cut anywhere between 30% to 50% of the product you help produce. Assist with more products = more pay.

We have earned a lot from previous products, so you should expect to earn tens of thousands in robux for your designs.

If you are interested, shoot @Swinsor a private message on the DevForum, linking a portfolio or showing some previous work. We’ll reply if we are interested, from there we will have a meeting to discuss things in more depth, which will be accustom to you as a developer.

Thank you for your time reading this Post!

(We are still looking for a UI designer.)
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I may be interested, but I have a few questions.

  1. What is the style you are looking for?
  2. What skill level are you looking for?
  3. Are we assigned the project, and are there timeframes in which we need to get the project done?


  1. Professional, clean, rounded, dark.
  2. Intermediate.
  3. Yes, you will be notified of a new assignment, and you will have between 4 weeks to 8 weeks to give it to me.

You’re paying % for a UI? Or am I reading this wrong?


I agree with @DevTitanium. Usually UI Designer would be paid by asset, not percentage


These are products that get sold to other games and stuff, so you’d earn a percentage of every sale the product gets, which is tens of thousands of Robux. We can also sort it to be paid by asset, but it’s actually higher for percentage, as it’s permanent.

Ah, thanks for letting me know!


No worries. Hope that’s okay with you.



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