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Hello, I’m loertis, I am offering my services as a builder. I have been building on the ROBLOX platform for around 2 and a half years now. I specialize in building, more specifically building small to large Cafes, Bakeries, Towns, and Grills. I am offering my building services for related games like that. I am not great at building terrain, military, space-themed and futuristic style. I have previously worked for a decently sized group, Bitez. This is my first time really selling my services, as I have just given people things for free.

My Work

Recent Work

Mission: Save the City!

Cafe: (Inspired by Avien)

Older Work

Other Work:

Pizza Place: (Tables and Chairs are not made by me!)

Finished! Hotel:


Game Lobby:


I am available 5-9 hours a day on Weekends ! You may contact me anytime as I often check discord and the dev forum. I might be able to work 30 - 1 hour on weekdays depends on what day it is.

My pricing is negotiable as there is no flat rate. Prices for a small sized build would be around 5 USD or R 7,000. I accept onetime payment only at the moment. My preferred payment method is USD but I will accept Group Funds. If you are interested, contact me about the size and the build itself and I will give you an estimate.

Contact me on the Dev Forum, My Roblox PMS or discord loertis
#9029. (Note: I keep my discord on Do Not Disturb so feel free to DM me!)


Awesome work man.


Thanks, I appreciate it very much!


NP hope to see more soon…


I will be updating the images soon!


You should try to avoid using free model machines. Besides that, your builds are good.


Thanks for the compliment and I’ll do that next time!