Strange "Bug?" Happening in Studio

Hi, while developing my game, this happened.
Yesterday everything was running fine, but today, when I joined the studio without any code changes, the game started doing this. What Is happening?
Even the properties say that the UI is visible false when I stop hovering the button, however, the image keeps being shown. Is there any explanation?


I really need help this is affecting the whole game.

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I would strongly recommend contacting developer relations or contact support (Support - Roblox)


I recently had the opposite problem where I couldn’t get the GUI to show. The solution was to place a task.wait(0) in the code before sending the gui show commands to the client. Of course, this may not be the solution to your issue. You can try restarting and reinstalling studio. That’s all that I can think of at the moment.

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They’re just posting responses from ChatGPT or some other AI all over the forum, ignore them.


It didn’t work too :confused: Also when I click some buttons that change UI’s visibility, the visibility only changes when I put the mouse outframe

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Nevermind, It doesn’t happen for a little but then everything goes to what it was

Waiting for an answer from them

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Awsome, you can contact Customer Support or you can talk to people who work in DevRel such as @Hooksmith (I think this is a devrel situation)

Please use the official process to file bug reports:

Our DevRel team does not triage bug reports (nor can I triage bug reports for you if you DM them to me), so please use the official process only.


Well that answers your question @RipperNobbs , Sorry HookSmith!! :smile:

Still waiting :frowning: This is really annoying

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Let me see your local script/script where the event is happening


It is happening in different scripts. Let me send you one of them (This is also happening with every button that has something related to Ui like visibility) I also thought this might be happening because of the new CanvasGroup (I’m using it), but not sure.

local ButtonTemplate = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("Assets"):WaitForChild("UI_Templates"):WaitForChild("MenuChoise")
local MenuChoises = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage"):WaitForChild("Assets"):WaitForChild("UI"):WaitForChild("MenuChoises"))

for ButtonName, MenuSettings in pairs(MenuChoises) do
	local Template = ButtonTemplate:Clone()
	Template.Name = ButtonName
	Template.TextButton.Text = string.upper(MenuSettings.Text)
		Template.SelectedLabel.Visible = true
		script.Parent:WaitForChild("BottomDetails"):WaitForChild("TextLabel").Text = MenuSettings.Hint

		Template.SelectedLabel.Visible = false
	Template.Parent = script.Parent.Content
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I fixed it and unfortunately, I have to say that I had to rewrite many things in the game :confused:

If you are having this trouble please check if you are using CanvasGroups in your game! This was my problem.
CanvasGroups are an amazing class that allows developers to set without much code the transparency of whole UIs, however, this feature isn’t ready and has a lot of bugs.
All buttons were descendants of CanvasGroups and I think that class has to render bugs. For example, text and visibility aren’t always right, causing potential damage to the game’s accessibility and functionality, especially the UI-based games.


I’ll have to rewrite like 70% of the code that is related to UI unfortunately.

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