Strange delay on knockback - laggy and unreliable

i have been trying to create a clean and responsive combat system, utilising bodymovers to handle the knockback. the knockback is applied on both the attacker and the victim, as a push and pull force. when tested on NPCs, it works great, and is really smooth. the problem is on the players. more often than not, the enemy player will have a strange delay with their knockback, disrupting the flow.

> 				local d = (V1.PrimaryPart.Position - c.PrimaryPart.Position).unit
> 				local push ="BodyVelocity")
> 				push.MaxForce =,math.huge,math.huge)
> 				push.Velocity = d * 20 
> 				push.Parent = V1.PrimaryPart
> 				local pull ="BodyVelocity")
> 				pull.MaxForce =,math.huge,math.huge)
> 				pull.Velocity = d * 20
> 				pull.Parent = c.PrimaryPart
> 				game.Debris:AddItem(push, timer)	
> 				game.Debris:AddItem(pull, timer)

i have read countless forum posts, and while i did gather some knowledge, none of it is helping me squash out the unbearable lag. one method i tried was setting the networkowner of the enemy’s humanoidrootpart to the character, and it didnt change too much.

an alternative method i have tried is using bodyvelocity for only the player, and instead, using alignposition on the enemy. this was also extremely laggy, but when i set the networkowner of the humanoidrootpart to the attacker, it made the attackers POV a lot smoother. the one downside is that the enemy’s POV was still, extremely jittery.

so, basically, i have tried to use bodymovers to create a knockback system, and while it works on NPCs, it is unusable on players due to the delay/lag.

any ideas on what is happening/better methods for knockback/how to reduce the delay?



Call SetNetworkOwner() on the hit player’s character’s root limb and set it to the hitting player.

Usually with players it’s a network ownership problem like @Forummer said.

Try out this place file with a server network ownership knockbck system and comment your thoughts on it.

So far it seems to be a very complex problem with no perfect solution.

it improved it slightly, however i noticed that after setting networkownership to the player, the victim’s POV was a lot more jittery. like you said, i guess there is no perfect solution