Streamer Life Patch Notes (V14-V21.1)

Streamer Life Patch Notes

Number animations are temporarily disabled because they caused extreme lag issues. I will keep you updated on any changes made to this.

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V21.1 Patch Notes (September 18th 2023)

This is a small bug fix update. For the V21 update notes, scroll down.

:bug: Fixed the bug where if you had less than a specific amount of fans you couldn’t upload to MyVideos
:bug: Fixed the bug where the upload tab on MyVideos would display “SHORT” even if it was longer than 60 seconds
:bug: Fixed the bug where the “Big Profits” and “I missed out on quite a bit of money :(” badges weren’t achievable
:bug: Fixed the bug where the MyPet wasn’t loading in properly
:bug: Fixed the bug where the money leaderboards weren’t showing players that have more than $1B
:balance_scale: Even more MyVideos balancing changes, slowing down growth once you get really popular

V21 Patch Notes (September 17th 2023)

:movie_camera: Streams shorter than 60 seconds will now be uploaded as a “short”, and they have a separate RPM.

:balance_scale: MyVideos balancing changes:

Chance to get a video popular: 3% → 2%
Chance to get a video extremely popular: 0.03% → 0.002%
Extremely popular video boost: 210x → 90x
RPM: $4-$7 → $3-$5.50

:heavy_check_mark: Added 10 new badges:

  • Big Profits
    Withdraw money from MyVideos while the RPM is at its highest.

  • I missed out on quite a bit of money :frowning:
    Withdraw money from MyVideos while the RPM is at its lowest.

  • Even more money?
    Withdraw money from MyVideos for the first time.

  • Am I getting canceled?
    Upload a video on MyVideos that has more dislikes than likes.

  • So many views…
    Get a video on MyVideos trending

  • MrBeast who?
    Get a video on MyVideos extremely trending

  • Where’s my silver award
    Reach 100K Fans on MyVideos

  • Diamond Era
    Reach 10M Fans on MyVideos

  • I have plenty of views
    Reach 1B Views on MyVideos

  • I’m really liked
    Reach 1B Likes on MyVideos

:bug: Fixed the bug where you couldn’t upload to MyVideos if you had more than 10B fans
:bug: Fixed some typos
:heavy_minus_sign: Removed the last 1, 7 and 14 video earning stats from MyVideos because of inaccuracy.
:heavy_plus_sign: Added a timer until the RPM changes

Older patch notes:

V20 Patch Notes (August 11th 2023)

Sadly with this update changing how past streams are saved, your past stream data before this update are wiped. Your progress is still there though (followers, viewers, subscribers).

:movie_camera: New site: MyVideos

PlayStream has made a new site where you can upload your past streams. To get access to it, you only need to be partnered on PlayStream. Boost items (Ads, PC…) do not impact the number of views/fans/likes you will get. There are 3 events that can happen when uploading your video:

  1. Controversial: Your video will have significantly more dislikes than likes, fewer views and might even lead to a loss of fans. (2% chance)
  2. Popular video: Your video is good, so it got recommended to much more people! You will get much more views, likes and fans from it. (1% chance)
  3. Extremely popular video: Your video is extremely good, and your video reaches trending #1. You can expect 200-400X more views than average. (0.003% chance)

Videos page

On the videos page, you can see the latest 3 videos, their thumbnail, title, views, likes, and dislikes.

Upload page

On the upload page, you can see your latest 10 videos, their thumbnail, title, and when it was streamed. You can click the “UPLOAD” button on the far right to upload it to MyVideos.

Monetization page

The monetization page has some useful data, like your earnings from your last video, the last 7 videos and the last 14 videos, your all-time earnings, your balance, and most importantly: RPM.
RPM stands for Revenue Per Mille. It means the amount of money you will get per 1,000 views. It ranges from $4 to $7. It is the same for the whole server and changes every 5 minutes. Red text indicates that the RPM is low, yellow indicates average, and green indicates high. On the right side you can see your balance which is ready to be withdrawn, and below it is a button to request a withdrawal.

:name_badge: Titles

In RStream, you can now enter a title! It will both be for the stream and for the video if you upload it on MyChannel.

Other QOL Changes & Fixes:

:bug: Fixed some bugs
:bug: Fixed localization UI issues
:heavy_minus_sign: Temporarily removed toilets

V19 Patch Notes (June 21st 2023)

:chart_with_upwards_trend: New Boosters!
You can get boosters by getting raided and by buying them in the shop. You can buy 2X Money, 2X Subscribers, and 2X Followers from 15 minutes to 24 hours. You can buy them for yourself, or for the whole server. The personal booster timers stop when you leave the game, and if there is a server boost your personal boost timer will stop until the server booster ends.

:dollar: Buffed Mid-Roll Ads revenue by 80%

:dollar: Changed how many viewers you lose from Mid-Roll Ads
Previously you would lose 1%-14% of viewers, that’s adjusted to 1%-9% now.

:bug: Fixed the bug where you could take the bus while streaming to be back on the map

:bug: Fixed the bug where the notification from cashing out Bobux would display an incorrect amount of money exchanged

:bug: and some teeny-tiny bugs are fixed.

V18 Patch Notes (June 15th 2023)

V0.81 Patch Notes (June 15th 2023):
:dollar: New 2X Bobux gamepass
Bobux is now more powerful then ever (more details below). With the 2X Bobux gamepass, you will get twice as many bobux!
:dollar: Buffed Bobux you get by 150%
:dollar: Buffed donation amounts:
100K+ Followers: 100% → 110%
500K+ Followers: 100% → 115%
1M+ Followers: 100% → 125%
10M+ Followers: 100% → 140%
50M+ Followers: 100% → 160%
100M+ Followers: 100% → 180%
500M+ Followers: 100% → 190%
1B+ Followers: 100% → 200%
1T+ Followers: 100% → 210%
1Q+ Followers: 100% → 220%
1QI+ Followers: 100% → 230%
1SP+ Followers: 100% → 240%
1N+ Followers: 100% → 250%
So if you have 1 billion followers, instead of getting let’s say $1,500 from a donation, you’ll get $3,000.

Other QOL Changes & Fixes:
:bug: Fixed the bug where you could run to bed while starting a stream and not be teleported to the game.
:bug: Fixed the bug where you could glitch through the Tower of Heck wall and respawn
:bug: Fixed the bug where your viewers could go into negative
:bug: Fixed the bug where if you played an ad while you had negative viewers it would put you into debt
:heavy_plus_sign: New Experienced Worker and Fully Geared badge, which give +750 Max Energy and +250 Max Energy respectively

V17 Patch Notes (June 13th 2023)

V0.80 Patch Notes (June 13th 2023):

:balance_scale: Huge balancing changes
If you have more than 1N followers, your follower count will be adjusted to an appropriate amount. If you had inf (the biggest number) in V0.7.2, you would have about 30N Followers in V0.8.0.

:money_with_wings: New method of earning money, introducing pls give!
You need the Best PC to be able to install and use pls give. While streaming, your followers can donate you some Bobux. You can then cash out your Bobux (30,000 for $10,000).

:new: New channel system!
You can create new channels on PlayStream, although costly, they are very beneficial. They do not reset your progress or anything.

:computer: New site: MyChannels
On the MyChannels site, you can see how many channels you have, the details of channels, and managing channels. Each channel costs $1,000,000 more than the previous one. You can also see your benefits there too.

:loudspeaker: New site: BigAds!
Had money laying around and wanted to promote your channel even more? Well, BigAds has you covered! Ranging from $200,000/10min for 250% Promotion up to $3,000,000/10min for 500% Promotion.

:money_with_wings: Mid-Roll Ads
You can now play Mid-Roll Ads to your viewers to give you some money, but beware that they highly annoy your viewers. To have Mid-Roll Ads, you need to have at least 2 channels.

:+1: New 64K stream quality
You can now stream in 64K, with the minimum upload speed required for 64K being 2500MB/s, and it gives 2.8X more viewers.

:money_with_wings: New Donate app
Feeling generous? Donate :smiley:
Of course, donations are completely optional, but they keep me motivated to make more updates :slight_smile:

:hammer_and_wrench: Other QOL Changes & Fixes:

:heavy_plus_sign: You no longer need to rejoin to get badge rewards
:heavy_plus_sign: Added Subscriber and Channel leaderboards
:heavy_plus_sign: Many new badges with big rewards
:heavy_plus_sign: Added a cursor for XBOX, but I’m pretty sure you still need a keyboard and mouse to play
:watch: Added time and date in the taskbar
:bug: Fixed the bug where streaming in 144p keeps the previous quality viewer bonus
:bug: Fixed the bug where you could soft-lock the tutorial

V16 Patch Notes (June 9th 2023)

:bug: Fixed the memory leak issue.
You should no longer experience lag, heavy memory usage, and UI being slow/stuck on the screen.
:hammer_and_wrench: Abbreviated the numbers on the cash and bank UI ($1,300 → $1.30k)
:hammer_and_wrench: Abbreviated the number of subscribers on the stream UI (12,300 → 12.3k)

V15 Patch Notes (June 8th 2023)

:question: Moved the Chat Questions UI to be in the chat
:balance_scale: Donations and subscribers are now way less luck based
:video_game: Finishing the Cart Ride game now gives +400 Max Energy (if you’ve completed it before you don’t need to do it again)
:hammer_and_wrench: Other QOL Changes and Fixes:
:heavy_plus_sign: Stream Finished UI now compares your stream stats with the previous one
:heavy_plus_sign: Stream Finished UI will now tell you if you aren’t partnered instead of showing $0
:bug: Hopefully fixed the bug where starting a stream didn’t teleport you to the game
:bug: Fixed the bug where respawning would cause some UI to show placeholder text
:bug: Fixed the visual bug on JobSeek when rejoining not showing which job you were working at
:bug: Fixed the bug where sometimes you couldn’t complete the “Stream at least once” requirement for PlayStream Partner

V14 Patch Notes (June 4th 2023)

:question: New Chat Questions!
Chat questions appear on your screen while streaming and give random questions. You can respond with two different options: positive or negative. Answering positively gives a 1-5% viewer bonus, while answering negatively results in a 1-5% viewer loss. After ending your stream, the viewer bonuses (or losses) reset.

:zap: New Energy Replenish Popup
Are you close to the end of the cart ride but running low on energy? Now, whenever your energy drops below 25%, a pop-up will appear offering an energy refill. It costs 29 Robux and fully replenishes your energy, allowing you to reach the end of the cart ride (or Tower of Heck) without worrying about energy!

:hammer_and_wrench: Other Changes and Fixes:
:heavy_minus_sign: Removed the sub-only chat button for now as it isn’t completed.
:bug: Fixed music (for the fourth time now?)
:bug: Resolved some UI issues.
:bug: Fixed the bug where respawning caused the donation message to display a placeholder text.
:bug: Hopefully resolved the loading screen taking a long time.
:bug: Made some performance improvements.