Streaming Enabled w Aircrafts

I have enabled Streaming Enabled on one of my airports, it made a huge difference for framerate in my game, however as soon as I tried the aircrafts things started to change.

Chunks in streaming enabled dont load fast enough at high speeds or even low speeds in an aircraft.

If a plane is taking off, chunks dont load fast enough and ends up falling through the map or being stuck in the late loaded part.

Currently this is a great way to reduce lag for me and I can not seem to find great alternatives to massive beasts of 1 million tris moving at high speeds.

Has Roblox made any statements on Streaming Enabled?


This is a drawback for streaming enabled at this point in time. Chunks are loaded similar to how minecraft does it. It loads chunks based on if you enter that space rather than loading it regardless with the possibility of you never exploring that particular area. I’d explain it more but, this post better explains it.


The magnitude values (for the fog, and chunk distance) within my linked post above are pretty arbitrary, also considering that everyone’s idea of a “chunk size” could be different. Therefore, if you decide to make your own chunking system, I recommend experimenting with different values if you decide to follow my chunking system model within the linked post above… (within my other post, I used the values 1200, and 1000 for the magnitudes).

Anyways, good luck :slight_smile:


I’m unsure of the information I give you, but here is what you can try.
I am unsure if streaming is a server controlled item or client controlled. If it’s client controlled you could attempt to broaden the amount that is streamed to the client once they reach certain speeds.

I can’t figure out if its true because API page won’t load for me…

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I don’t think this is fixable, as this is how Streaming Enabled works.

It basically loads what you’re around, so if the plane is flying per say, and you enter an area that didn’t load yet you’ll get that “stuck glitch”. It is a great way to reduce lag, but it has it’s problems.

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