StringPlus - An Extended String Manipulation Library


An extended library for string manipulation tasks

Hello fellow developers!

I’m introducing to you an extended string library: StringPlus. This library aims to provide additional functionality for working with strings in Luau, extending the functionality of the standard library.

Some of the main features of StringPlus include:
  • Scalable Library: Ability to extend its functions directly through the creation of a sub-module named with the pattern '[Extended] - ' along with the ability to include the standard library's functions in it by just changing a single variable.
  • Flexible Naming System Support: StringPlus also includes support for multiple programming naming conventions, such as Pascal, Snake, and Camel case. That means you can easily switch the function names with only modifying one variable in the library. In addition, the library includes an indexing solver that can help resolve incorrect indexing and return the correct index if possible.
  • Python-Like Functions: The library includes functions that perform similar tasks to those found in the Python string library.
  • Randomizing: The library includes two main functions for randomizing strings, such as generating a unique key based on customizable parameters such as character sets, delimiters, prefixes, and suffixes.
  • Iterators: StringPlus library offers a set of functions that allow you to easily iterate through a string in various ways. For example, you can use `IWords` function to iterate through the words in a string, or `ILines` function to iterate through the lines in a string.
  • Checking Functions: A set of functions for checking the type of a string, such as `IsTitle`, `IsTagged`, IsASCII`, `IsAlphaNum`, etc...
  • In-Library Documentation: The library includes nearly detailed descriptions for each of its functions.
  • TypeChecking: This library comes with strict type checking enabled.
  • Other?! There may be additional features that are not listed here. Feel free to check out the source code to discover all that the library has to offer!.


Get the library from Roblox Creator Marketplace:

Check out the Github repository:


You guys can now find the documentation in the Github Wiki.

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Absolutely wonderful resource. Are you considering publishing to Wally? Keep up the great work!

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At this time, I do not have any plans to publish it to Wally because I’m not familiar with it.

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The library is continually being updated and improved.
The latest version, 1.2.0, has been released minutes ago, along with an improved documentation that is built with mkdocs!

You can now access the updated documentation on the Github Pages website using the following link: