Stuck making a round system

i don’t know how to make a round system with a voting system, i was hoping someone had a good tatorial on how to make a round & voting system.

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It’s basic, all you need is an infinite loop with player checking, round starting, winner selecting, and a refresh system.

This tutorial should help, it’s really efficient.


The post from SoundWaves_KGH is good. I have made quite a few round systems, and what I generally do is have a round script that spawns a map in, and a script in the map that runs the game. When the game is done, the map script sends a signal with a BindableEvent and it causes the game to reset.

A lot of this depends on what you want your game mode to be. I would suggest learning how to clone maps to workspace, check for the number of players (I do repeat wait() until #game.Players:GetPlayers() > 1) and clone the map and start the round.

For a voting system, you have to have a way for players to input their vote, and then you can just compare the values for each map.

Sorry if this wasn’t as descriptive as you may have wanted, but this topic is so broad that you will have to do some digging yourself to configure it to what you want.