Studio Beta for Experience Controls Available Now

It has been reported a few times, it seems to happen when the beta is enabled while “CharacterAutoLoads” is disabled.

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Thanks for the detail, yes, that is correct and we’re working on a fix for this issue. More detail here: Playing game in Studio with voice chat enabled and CharacterAutoLoads set to off will hang game until a character is set - #7 by Ugilicious

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why am i getting a mish mash of both!?!?!?

somehow ingamemenuv2 manages to mysteriously enable itself when i enable the new topbar…
(i absolutely despise this menu)


Do you normally have ingamemenuv2 when playing roblox games? I managed to reproduce this by having ingamemenuv2 enabled and “FFlagEnableInGameMenuChrome” set to “True”

Now you got the worst of both worlds. I think that’s what Roblox really intended for.

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This is my top bar I want feedback for it

What’s s good place for the nine dots
  • Middle
  • Place is good
  • Right
  • Left
  • Down left
  • Down right
  • Other pls tell me

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This UI is absolutely hideous. Im sorry, but I have to give my opinion.

I understand the mobile padding, but why is it on computers…
There should the same amount of space the top and side. Which means, push it over to the left just as much as the top.

Similar to the cube logo, push that a bit. to the right.

Now, make it smaller, I know you want to keep it like the standard, but it will affect many experiences like my own. I will need to be doing MAJOR reworks to my UI. It will take days for me assuming I didn’t have school. Since I do, it can take week for me.

Plus, I rely on TopbarPlus to show additional data about my expeirence. That will now look hideous, considering a ton of experiences use it.

I hear @ForeverHD is apparently taking a break from software development, meanwhile I have been focusing on my Swift apps.

Please make this similar to how you are doing TextChatService, where you add an opt in toggle. This will fix EVERYTHING! Also, please fix the padding.

Thank you for considering my feedback, if you would like to get my email for additional feedback, please private message me on the Devforum.

Sincerely Will.


The top padding appears to have been increased. (Ignore the custom buttons to the right of the menu toggle I added those myself)

Alternatively they could give us a way to use :SetCore to adjust the topbar Y scale, similarly to how we used to have StarterGui:SetCore("TopbarEnabled", bool) to hide the background when it used to be opaque years ago, with reasonable limits like 30 - 50 or something. This could also be a way to allow us to choose where the menu in the top right is displayed - if false keep it default, if true force it to display next to the roblox button or something.


Hi, When there’ll be Experience Controls and Mobile Movement Mode Controls built for Left-handed users like me? Since nobody has ever asked this, I’m taking this opportunity to ask this now!


I’m reworking UIShelf at the moment and will likely be the replacement for TB+

The last thing I have to implement is the collapsible menus, otherwise its a 1:1 copy of the actual CoreGui.



Hey there!

Not sure if this has been reported yet or if I am missing something but it seems like a recent update has thrown off where GuiService.TopBarInset.Min.X is positioned at. In a fresh baseplate using the code excerpt you provided the Frame created to visualize the inset now goes all the way to the left of the screen instead of to the right of the left button.


Note: The offset on the right of the screen is still positioned properly and does adjust accordingly when the button is selected.

I enjoy the new design and am excited to see it go live!


Yeah, noticed that as well whilst using the API. All things considered, the padding was improved upon!

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I saw yesterday that there a padding above the top bar is I made a custom topbar but it is now not sync with the new top bar

it kinda shows both because somehow there’s a mouse in the phone

maybe on the bottom left corner

it’s been over half a month, it’s still not adressable via CoreGuiType

I made a custom chat button with @0Shank

With massage counter and toggle chat and fill the button if it is open if I set the chat disabled disable it the core chat button then it the whole chat

i have 2 suggestions:
make the roblox icon a bit more clear
make the box icon 3 dots, it would look better and match how the ui looks the box doesn’t make as much sense and looks ugly
thank you so much for considering roblox ui team :heart:

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Hello, just a quick update: A fix for this issue is rolled out with Studio 595.


Is it possible get GuiService.TopbarInset to be accessible / set correctly in live servers without beta enabled? I would like to write future proof code that is ready for the live release, but it’s annoying because GuiService.TopbarInset is set to 0, 0, 0, 0 in live servers.

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