Studio Beta for Experience Controls Available Now

I have condensed some more thoughts about this response into a video:


Great video on it.

Crazy that they don’t listen when we unanimously agree on basically all the issues.

How to fix this:

  • Chat on right is fine; make it on left for non-touch screens
  • Remove report abuse or add Enum.CoreGuiType.ReportAbuse API
  • Hide the left when all core gui is disabled
  • Make the buttons smaller on non-touch screen devices

The key here is that you are prioritizing touch screen devices, which is fine, but you guys have to account for every other platform.

woohoo its all fixed everyone is happy


Press the report button in the right side menu, click outside of the Roblox menu to close it, open the menu again, and click the report tab, and it’ll flicker.

edit: clicking the report tab in general causes flickering

According to the official statements, TopbarPlus will not be maintained by ForeverHD anymore, so I doubt it was adapted, however, I think someone could adapt it, but I didn’t see anything related to this.

Me and @sqarv already adapted it. It supports the new Topbar and PS4/5.

Is this intentional? Offset differs between mobile and desktop


I can’t find the new save insets

this is something i’ve noticed as well, would be great to have this be either consistent or get official numbers on the padding/sizing for custom topbar UIs


if only it was possible to flip flags for mobile

My biggest complaint that I saw when using it was that height difference. It just feels weird on desktop… I can see the usage for mobile, and that’s what I assumed it was for, but for pc it just takes up that much more of the screen.

I like the way the Inset is going to operate as it makes it nice and intuitive.

And I know this question isn’t really related to the top bar, but are we ever going to have API for the new Roblox chat like we did the “legacy” chat?

If anything we have more API than before, what is it you are missing?

If you mean for chat, I guess just some better documentation. They had the whole chat service before where you could go in and customize just about everything. Unless they added it and I missed it. But they used to have the following wiki links for documentation and customization of chat.

Lua Chat System/Client API - Roblox Wiki
Lua Chat System/Server API - Roblox Wiki
Lua Chat System/Server API/ChatService - Roblox Wiki

Now we just have documentation and examples for Chat Window Customization, Chat Input Bar, Emoji and Command Autocomplete (Which I know in one instance gave away the commands someone had in their game for the players to see), then chat tags using Rich Text, and coloring usernames.

Is it possible to disable this in studio?

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Can we opt out of this update? It’s unnecessary and is a lot of extra work that could be used elsewhere.

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just set the Y position to 0,-2 and the Y AnchorPoint to 1

just set the button’s Y position to 0,-2 and the Y AnchorPoint to 1

the new button is 44x44
it is 16 in from the right
it is 2 up, so
Position - 1,-16,0,-2
AnchorPoint - 1,1
BackgroundTransparency - 0.3

i have tested this on mobile and computer, and it works, but it does not work for console, i’m not sure how to get the position values for console

Hope this helps :heart:

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Does this work for the frame itself?


EDIT: Ah I see why its not working, you need to make sure to set the screeninsets to CoreUISafeInsets

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ya i have mine set to that. not sure what the values would be with other inset types, haven’t tested any besides CoreUISafeInsets

Yep none others work. I also found that if you want the positions to be even, set it 2 and not -2. It works for me when using 1 anchor point on Y on the topbar frame.