Studio crashes occasionally when performing a save

I’ve been encountering this issue lately: I’m writing a script and I am occasionally using Play Solo to test the progress. I save once every 2 or 3 tests. Maybe once every 10 or so saves, immediately after it says the save was successful, it crashes. Thankfully it’s saving first then crashing, but it’s still a little tedious and frustrating to me.


Perhaps more info can help other members diagnose the problem. Is there anything else you can provide? A microprofile dump might help.

I currently don’t experience this. Studio seems to run just fine after saving.

I also get this after publishing. I publish, press play solo and then studio crashes.


Next time Studio crashes for you, please send us your .dmp file. You can get this by going to %localappdata%/Roblox/logs.

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I’ve had this bug for at least the past month. It’s really annoying and the only constant is whenever Studio saves or I open a LinkedSource script.

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Thank you for telling me where it is! I experienced a crash a few minutes ago and found the DMP file, here’s a link:

Let me know if you have any issues downloading it

This was a separate issue. See:

Is your issue resolved now (see EchoReaper’s link)?

As far as I can tell, the situation described in that thread doesn’t relate to this situation.

The dump file seems not to be caused by saving games, maybe a different crash case.

Btw, if working with large game, sometimes Studio may crash when saving games due to out of memory. Once it happens again when saving the game, please share the dump again, and we will check:-)

The game is a baseplate with a few parts here and there for testing purposes, I doubt memory is an issue. I believe it has something to do with Play Solo because it seems to occur when I click Play Solo after saving. I’ll send a DMP file if it occurs again.

Thanks for your clarification!

You are right, if simple game, memory would not be a concern.
Currently we are facing some random crash issue when start playing Solo, and since we cannot reproduce in office, so, a possible improvement is being worked. Hopefully will be improved soon:-)