Studio crashing after clicking play, then stop

Issue Type: Crashing
Impact: Very High
Frequency: Often
Date First Experienced: 2021-04-21 00:04:00 (+12:00)
Date Last Experienced:

Reproduction Steps:
Click play in studio, then click stop.

Sometimes it crashes, sometimes it doesn’t, not very consistent to recreate.

Expected Behavior:
Not to crash LOL!

The studio is crashing…

Actual Behavior:
The studio crashes…

It is not supposed to crash



Yes, I have had this,

it depends on how big your game is, the part amount etc

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Does it actually crash or does it just freeze for a long time?

This usually happens when roblox issues a new update. The studio “thinks” that it notified you, while in reality, it does not.

Hi jandel,

Could you please send me a log file and/or dump file from a Studio session where this occurs? This will help us track down what is happening. You can view this post How to post a Bug Report if you are unsure where these files are located.



I submitted similar bug over 2 months ago and its still not resolved. Roblox Staff said they were looking into it and would keep us updated back then and its still going on.

I cant use Play testing in Studio without either crashing or waiting 3+ minutes for it to shut down.


@jandel is this specific to a project or will it also happen with an new empty project?

Please let us know if this problems resolves itself in a future update. We’ll investigate the ticket as soon as possible.


It happens with a specific project,

I published said project to a new place and it started occuring again

I think it is caused by your computer trying to load all the game assets, and when you click stop, you stop the creation of the objects and get rid of the objects. When you perform both the loading and the clearing at the same time (by clicking it fast), your computer probably overloads and it crashes.

Keep in mind this is a very basic explanation of what is going on, but this is likely. I can tell this because when it doesn’t crash, it just takes a long time to load.