Studio crashing every time I open a Team Create enabled place

Whenever I open studio, it loads the game I select and then the game requests access, loads, and then everything works fine. There is a script recovery window that appears on this particular place because I disconnected while editing scripts previously. I close the popup dialog and then studio crashes. This is happening on one particular place, and it happens every time I attempt to launch this particular place. All I have to do is open the place in Studio and it fails.

This bug began occurring about 3 or 4 days ago and it happens here:



This happens to me too.

The work around is to load from the website.


We are looking into this. Thank you.


I found that completely deleting the %localappdata%\Roblox Studio folder and reinstalling fixed the issue: before I did this though I found that @Quenty’s solution also worked. If this at all helps in fixing this issue then there you go. :slight_smile:

If you have the same issue and you happen to use this solution: be warned that it will clear all plugins, plugin data, and all Studio settings. Luckily, I didn’t have much in the first place, but some may.


If anyone else encounters this issue, can you send me and/or @IcyTides a copy of your %localappdata%\Roblox\ScriptAutosaves directory? We think this issue may be related.


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