Studio crashing whenever I put code in a specific place?

So I have a block of code:

while UIS:IsKeyDown(Enum.KeyCode.R) do

And whenever I put that block of code into a function, studio just crashes. I have no idea what could be causing this, but it’s really frustrating. It happens every single time I try to put it into a function

Video of the crash happening:

What does rotate() do?

It’s just a function. This crashed while I’m editing the script, not in real time

I inserted a Script in a baseplate in Workspace, added a reference to UserInputService, added an empty function “rotate” and “crash”, and did what you said in OP. I cannot reproduce the crash:

(click to view gif)

As you can see my Studio didn’t crash.

This means that your bug report isn’t specific enough, because I followed your steps and I did not see this bug. If you need help on what to put in your bug report, please see here:

A full (minimal) repro would probably be appreciated here.

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Sorry about that

Here’s a video showing the crash:

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I can’t repro this either. Do you have any plugins or have you modified your settings at all?

The only plugin I have is Crazyman32’s Lines of Code and the only settings I’ve edited is the script editor colors and autosave interval. I reset all the settings and uninstalled all plugins and it’s still happening.

The next time this crashes for you, please send me the dump file (Roblox folder/logs, should be the most recent .dmp file). Also, what Studio version are you using?

Here’s a dropbox link since I can’t upload .dmp files here.

I’m using studio version 0.313.0.159577