Studio Design Refresh - Docking Overhaul & Ribbon Upgrade

All right, thank you for helping!

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Why when I open a script it opens just next to the explorer dock? I want it to open beside the game as it did before the update. And when I close all my docks gets re-dimensioned

The script dock seems to always open inside the most left dock. It takes too much space, I’m already using half the screen to see the game. The script should take the same space, while Im writing something in the script I dont need to see the game window. I have only one screen, I cant waste space.

There’s still a lot of work to be done here, at least on the MacOS side.

  1. The new docking system is still unstable, which causes Roblox Studio to crash after ~3 minutes of working with >1 widgets combined into one window in a float state. This, most likely, is repeatable with other scenarios as well.

  2. The new checkboxes on the ribbon and in the properties widget still look hideous and take more effort to figure out whether they have a checkbox or not.

  3. Pinning a widget or widget group seems to disable the ability for it to determine if the user’s cursor is hovering over a certain part of itself. This is most noticeable with the Toolbox where the icon doesn’t pop out when you hover your cursor over it.

  4. Combined widget windows still do not respect the minimum size of an individual widget while all widgets are visible. (I don’t have a screenshot because Roblox Studio crashes before I can take one)

I’ve only been using this new update for ~1hr and i’m already seeing a ton of serious bugs. I’ve defiantly noticed a lot of bugs I previously had be resolved but there are still so many to the point where I feel like I am using software in its early beta stages.

In the meantime, why cant we use custom icons? I dont want to lose the custom icons that I have set. It would make sense to keep the old ones for now, and give us the custom icon feature.

This should also be made a beta feature instead of a rollout. People that want the update complain they dont have it, and people that do have it complain that they hate it. Just let us choose please.


Thanks so much for doing this. I do really wish that this was avoided if you gave the developers a chance to actually speak up about the update before forcing it onto everyone? It seems like the engineering team has a vision for studio and is really attempting to force it onto us. Take the time to look over the feedback, please.

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Hopefully this case is a reminder of why Community Feedback should be part of the decision making process. It’s helpful to use channels like the community feedback program to be proactive in these changes without causing massive backlash that I don’t think you and the team will find helpful.

Understanding if something is not going to work prior to taking bandwidth is a critical thing I don’t think Roblox fully uses, or even the idea that once feedback is taken that no follow up is taken to validate that feedback was actually considered and that extra feedback can be given as things change.


just got my hands on the new update and its great i like it a lot, more screen space, a bit more placement options. Only thing i had trouble with is the grid menu that pops up but after a few minutes of playing with it its pretty nice.

I just got the update, and I must say it’s good but it has a lot of issues.

  1. Checkboxes have poor visibility and don’t look great either.

  2. Whenever I resize any window, every other window is flickering.

  3. Overall UI looks unpolished and little bit too compact, I think adding a little bit padding would be great.

  4. This extra border line is unnecessary and annoying.

  5. As mentioned before, some places lack padding. Please add a little bit of padding as this text looks like its gonna touch or even cross the border line, but do not add too much padding.

  6. Some elements are not properly centered.


Is there a way I can disable this update and use the old docking system? This new docking does not work on my system. When I let go of the mouse button to dock the widget where I want it, nothing happens and it just stays floating where it was.

While these icons may not work for everyone, it may be a good idea for users to choose whether they want to use the classic icons or use the newer ones.


To add on top of this when you you put a plugin on the dock then disable it and reenable it, it resets where it was so you have to put it back again where it was. This is extremely annoying and it’s very frustrating.

Before disabling it:

After disabling it and reenabling it:

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Very happy to finally have the new docking tech, but god, please fix these checkboxes lol. There should not be outlines or boxes around the checkbox graphic, it looks incredibly janky + I actually find it harder now to tell what is checked versus what isn’t from a quick glance, especially in the beta window.
image RobloxStudioBeta_2022-09-28_15-11-45

Also it’s a shame the custom icon stuff was rolled back with the new icons. I was hoping to install Vanilla 3 now that it doesn’t require me to reinstall it every time Studio updates + start fooling around with my own icons.


I can’t wait for the update! Now that I don’t have to set the DPI every time on my laptop, this will be a great improvement. Icons and UI will no longer be blurry. When will this feature come to the client too?

How can i opt out of this? I have to switch my development account once again because this update makes my studio unusable as the workspace viewport can’t be attached to the main studio window.
Please, this is making my game development experience very painful.


As stated in one of the update posts, this update is now rolled out to all developers. You should spend time learning the new layout.

I think I might be one of the 5% but I am very thankful that the studio UI changed back to the good old days, not the blue outline UI, that made me want to cry.

So for me performance in places like the Explore UX have become very slow. Also, if I select say a model in the scene the main rendering becomes very slow as well.

OS: macOS Monterey (12.6)


This rollout has made the main workspace rendering incredibly laggy. As some other users have mentioned this is primarily caused when selecting a model in which the workspace is then rendered at a very low frame rate. The play test rendering works as should be expected, however exiting play mode the workspace is still rendered poorly.

OS: Latest MacOS (Monterey 12.6)

The main rendering is only impacted with the explorer docked. As far as I am aware the problematic UI windows are the explorer and the script editor which only lag when docked.


I am experiencing the same thing on MacOS 12.6 and in the script editor as well. I am receiving as low as 10-20fps after the update and it has destroyed my workflow.

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For those experiencing the performance issues on their Mac has anyone tried to remove their preferences? I have not tried yet, but I read an article from a couple of years ago saying this fixed it then.