Studio Levels //=// Stay motivated by leveling up (plus count hours in studio)!

About the plugin

Welcome to Studio Levels! This is a motivational plugin; gain experience points by spending time in Roblox Studio, then level up from via that XP! Keep staying on that Studio grind to keep gaining levels, or, compete with your friends to see who has the highest Studio Level!

What does it look like?

That’s a good question, DevForum header!
This plugin has a single togglable widget window, which looks like this:


As you can see, it does the following:

  • Tracks your time spent in Roblox Studio
  • Uses that time spent to give you XP
  • Uses that XP to assign you a Studio level

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Where do I get it?

You can find this plugin on the Roblox marketplace,

It’s free, non-invasive, and most importantly, uses little memory in Studio!

How do I compete against other developers?

Since using HTTPService won’t be an option for plugins (because source code is visible to all), I instead have a Discord server where you can compete against other devs for who has the highest level.

You may find the server here:

Please only join if you are at least 13 years old for safety reasons.


:revolving_hearts: If you like this plugin, support me on my Patreon for just $1 a month!

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Looks like the plugin isn’t for sale. Can you open it up?

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Apologies! It’s open now :smiley:


One of the most brilliant creations i’ve seen lately on the Dev Forums.

This plugin could definitely save so many innovative game ideas, and projects that were about to be left forever.

This is definitely an amazing idea, working on your projects, while being entertained for a while !


This is amazing! Can you add a feature to unlock new themes or other prizes for getting new levels? Maybe you can even add some music playing when you get a new level! :smiley:

Bug report: I noticed that when I close and reopen the plugin. the EXP level updates. Can you have the EXP update live? @GreatPanda3 explains better.

I’m level 3 haha


I’ve noticed the experience only updates when you close and reopen the plugin window. It would be cool to see it go up in real time.

Another thing: when entering play mode, experience is shown as it is when you start testing the game, which is fine. However, when leaving play mode, experience goes back to what it was before entering play mode. Fortunately, this is only visual, and reopening the plugin window fixes it. I’m not sure if this is something you can fix, but I guess it’s worth mentioning.

[Screenshot for my terrible explanation]
Screenshot 2021-02-21 at 16.42.46


This is such a good idea! Maybe you could unlock different things by leveling up?


Sounds like a plan! I’ll get started on that soon :smiley:

What things would you like to see as unlockables?

  • Different themes like light and dark. Maybe we can have the ability to fully customize it if we get 100 levels!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Another question: Is it possible for you to get the total time we’ve been on Studio before installing this plugin?


This unfortunately is not possible, I really wish it was.
Currently, the plugin stores the time spent by creating and updating a local file.


Now this is to keep me going for hours!


Very creative use of plugins to keep developers engaged, this is my first time seeing a plugin like this in the Roblox Community. Really neat work.

Several have already mentioned this but I’d like to see unlockable rewards or something along the lines of points that can be used.


Update 2/21/21

The plugin stats now update regularly when the window is open. Currently, it is for every 5 seconds (every 1 second would show practically no progress per update).

I am also planning to release customization, unlockable via your level. You will be able to unlock:

  • Background Colors
  • Background Textures
  • Bar Colors
  • Bar Textures

cc: @Mystifine @Crazedbrick1 @Disobeyedcrab04 @GreatPanda3



Imagine this lol: Roblox Studio: Hour Simulator!


Anyways, this plugin is great! Great job, this motivated me better now.

Rating: (yes 100% real)


This is a pretty cool idea, though I’m not the biggest fan of the purple theme. Also, I’m realizing that the bar for the level is going up, but it stays on 6 xp.

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So happy to be early to this! With enough traction on this topic it’ll definitely become something common used among developers of all kinds on the Roblox platform! I love the idea of leveling up, being able to track every hour spent in total in Roblox Studio. This is awesome.

Thank you!


Does the XP eventually change?


Oh, it was only a minute or so delayed.

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Very cool plugin! I will definitely use it every time I open studio!
Thank you for this plugin!


I see! Don’t worry, this is intentional. The XP visual number is floored mathematically, but behind the scenes, it’s accurate.