Studio not prompting Save when theres an update when you hit F5/play solo

Studio currently does not prompt a Save for me when there is a forced update when I press F5 and run a Play Solo test, but it creates an autosave which I can open after.


  1. Have Studio open before the update is sent
  2. Hit F5 and play solo
  3. Studio will shutdown after creating an autosave (seen in output)
  4. Studio starts to update and re-opens studio

More info:

  • This happened on published places, since I rarely use local files/team-create. This did occur once in team create but I no longer use said place in TC.
  • This occurrence has been around since early July.

We are aware of an issue that is causing this. Working on the details for a solution. Thanks for the report.


This should be resolved with

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