Studio renders Atmosphere Glare/Haze incorrectly on first join, until reinserted or altered

this is still a problem as of 9/25/2020

windows 10
GTX 1080 Ti
studio version 449.1.411731

when you edit a place in studio that uses an atmosphere with glare/haze, something seems off about the color of the fog. generally, it appears darker than it’s supposed to, and the effect of blending into the skybox is ruined by this darker appearance. this does not seem to happen in places with no atmosphere or with an atmosphere with glare & haze both set to zero. It also does not happen in live games, only in Studio.

steps to replicate:

  • open up a place that uses an atmosphere with glare & haze
  • note the color of the fog, generally this seems darker than it’s supposed to be
  • change glare/haze property of atmosphere or delete/undo delete atmosphere

after these steps, the atmosphere will now render the correct, brighter color.

this has been consistantly happening for me for well over two or three weeks, with every place I’ve edited with an atmosphere that uses glare/haze, but I’m unsure of specifically when this started happening. I might have only just noticed those few weeks ago.

here’s a before/after from a place I’m currently working on. note how the darker color disrupts the cloud sea from blending in with the sky.

additonally, here’s a repro file - all I did was scale the baseplate up, insert a sky & atmosphere, give the atmosphere glare & haze, then saved & reopen. note how it does not blend the sky into the baseplate correctly.

baseplate atmosphere repro.rbxl (18.5 KB)


Having the exact same issue too now and I’m not even using glare or haze.

When I play the game online, it works as intended, but in studio or play solo it’s messed up.

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I’m still having this exact issue/problem when opening up one of my games inside studio when using glare/haze properties.

Playing in the games works fine as what Ripull said, but in studio it doesn’t look like it at all. Instead, the density and a bit of haze doesn’t look the same when changing brightness or properties at all.

The Repro is something I can reproduce at the moment; from black to the one in the image.





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Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up here when we have an update for you.

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