Studio Update Shutdown before Prompt

When an existing Studio window is open, upon opening a new file, if a Studio update has been pushed between the time you last opened Studio, all of your existing Studio windows will automatically be closed before you get prompted.

Steps to Repro:

1) Have an existing Studio window open before an update gets pushed
2) Update gets pushed
3) Open a new Studio window
4) All of your existing Studio windows will automatically close

The following occurs, immediately closing the original Studio window that was open

5) Once the long “Shutting down Roblox Studio…” loading bar finishes (why does this take so long wtf?) You will be prompted with:

This happens like clockwork every Wednesday, sometimes twice per day. I rarely actually get a prompt for an update as intended.

Windows 10, occurs on BOTH non-beta and Safe Update beta version of Studio

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Closing as duplicate as above. Please try out the beta feature posted there & reply to the existing thread if you have any comments.