Studio workspace 3D view not appearing

Having similar issues as well, but with any Roblox Studio I enter. This should be a severe Impact.

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When you playtest and it creates that non-viewable, a work-a-round I’ve found is to go into the ‘Test’ tab and change from ‘Client’ to ‘Server.’ I’ve noticed this ‘allows’ the 3D view to appear again.

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This happens when playtesting, based on what I’ve seen. Simply start playtesting and then stop it again (though it is inconsistent).

Or, if you’re running without a graphics mode, enabling graphics will fix the issue.


Happens to me too. Disabling plugins doesn’t work, but it fixes itself sometimes. The bug happens when I open a new plugin window.

Yes we know it is not ideal and apologize for the inconvenience. We are actively working to resolve the root causes of the issue — it’s quite a bit of work that will take more time than anyone would like.


Understandable my brother. Thank you for the response and outreach.

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A workaround I’ve found was to minimize Studio and bring it back, after bringing it back the frame will then appear

Experiencing this issue too.
Having a graphics mode set doesn’t resolve it either.

This happens to me sometimes too, only way it stops is if I wait a few minutes or close out. I don’t know if it’s bad internet or what.

Here is a quick fix: Click and hold the explorer until it gets out of its dock, after that the workspace view should re-appear, when it does just put the explorer dock back where it was.
I get this visual bug everytime I playtest.
This fix only applies if the workspace is not in a whole different window.
The only cause for this (for me) is high ram usage(either that or disk usage), of which studio engineers could take a hint for this bug causes.

Is now happening to me after studio updated making it hard to make progress on anything. Studio is almost unuseable as anytime I play test it happens.

I am also impacted by this. Constantly. It’s very annoying. Usually it, uh, the render…It…The render usually refreshes after you open up the script editor and then close it out.