Studs not showing in game?

As you can see, in studio, the part clearly has studs, both visible, as well as the TopSurface showing Studs in the Properties

However, here, when in game, you can see no studs. Even tho the same part says Studs in the Properties tab. This is also occurs in game as well (SS from studio to just show that it is the same part, with the TopSurface saying Studs)

Any information as to why this is happening? It don’t have any scripts editing this part either.

Is the parts material SmoothPlastic, I think studs are hidden on parts with SmoothPlastic set as the material. Normal Plastic shows the studs.

Yea it was! That does not seem right tho. If it shows in Studio, it should show in game, or if it is suppose to always be smooth then also keep it smooth in studio

I guess the studs showing in studio is just to give you an idea of where the surface connectors are.

Zeuxcg confirmed this was intended when I made a post previously:

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A separate feature request, but it would make more sense to have a specific system for that in my opinion.

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