Suffix Currency Script

I am creating a TextLabel currency script for my game. But it’s with commas. Personally commas are hard to work with. I want to create a suffix (k, m, b, t) but, I don’t know how to make it. Someone show me how to make it.

Please search the dev forum before adding a topic, I have already answered this here: I need help with large abbreviations!


Take a look at this module:

It comes from Miner’s Haven which is now open-sourced:

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I just saw that module time ago, and i don’t know how to use it, i must set that module and the module will do everything else?

I believe, all you need to do is require it and then call HandleMoney.
For example:

local MoneyLib = require(script.MoneyLib)
local Money = 1000
local MoneyString = MoneyLib.HandleMoney(Money)
print(MoneyString) --// 1k