Suggestions on this bowling game?


I was scrolling through the Design Support section and came across this post. I know it’s been 10 days since the last reply, but I just have to get in on this action.
I myself am a bowler, and I have a strong passion for the sport.
I think this game is pretty cool! However, I do have some suggestions for the game.

To begin, I’d like to state it is too easy. I’m playing the game as I am writing this post and I feel there isn’t enough challenge.
I have seen some replies that say more for skill and I couldn’t agree more. You could add more oil patterns that actually affect your ball when it rolls and you could add a feature to hook/curve the ball, sorta like in the RoBowling game.
Maybe also let the player chose where to stand maybe, so it can be more than just pointing the mouse down the lane n stuff.
I haven’t checked like the shop or anything yet, but there isn’t a way to go to those areas in the middle of a game; I mean I understand you wouldn’t wanna leave in the middle, but y’know why not? :joy:
In the welcome gui of the game, it just zooms in to like a random section which is a little weird.
On the front where all the options are to go, maybe add pictures cause it is a little dark and gloomy :joy: and the text looks weird just being on the top of the individual sections
Kinda adding to the last one in a way, maybe make the entire ui a little more colorful hehe

I think that about covers everything I have seen. Honestly it’s a great game! I just love bowling so much I literally can’t get enough of it sometimes. If I sounded like I hate the game or sound like I’m being mean in any of that, just know I wasn’t aiming for that type of effect. :joy:
Thank you for reading!


Hey thanks rooboo! In regards to most of the things you’ve said, I’m totally all in. Definitely needs more skill, in which I’ve been carefully thinking of new ways to improve it so it takes more skill. With that, I have hired a UI guy to completely remake the user interfaces, although, he’s been taking weeks to get back to me… ._.

You actually can position your bowler though, using the A and D keys, and as far as ball hook goes, that really depends on your bowler card, which can be found in the inventory. Different cards you collect each have different sets of stats that affect how the ball rolls.

I really should add in a tutorial for all these mechanics…but right now I’ve been mostly trying to finalize the new user interface, if my guy ever contacts me back. .-.


Great to know! I do agree with a tutorial, or at least something that gives a little more instructions. Like you know when you start a new game and it tells you like “Use these keys to do this action” or whatever, you could implement something along the lines of “Use keys ‘A’ and ‘D’ to move left or right”.
As for that UI artist, if he doesn’t get back to you, try coming up with a design in your head, look at other’s designs, and then try to implement it into your own new interface. I wouldn’t say I’m fantastic at making UIs, but I’m somewhat ok and I just kind of try different styles out and come up with something.
If you don’t fancy making the UIs on your own - which is perfectly ok - then I think I may know some people.
Have a good one! :smile:


Thanks man! You too! :slight_smile:


I love it! Although, the “power” bar goes too quick. :wink: