Sunsetting LinkedSource Scripts in Studio

The auto-update feature “pulls” the latest version of the package while you’re in a studio session.

The want/need is to publish the package in one studio session and then have it publish a list of places that contain that package.

As of now, you have to open each place in a studio session to pull the new version and then publish it. This becomes extremely tedious when you have a game with a lot of places.


Is this a PackageLink/Package thing?
Because if it is, i don’t have a dialog box popping up…

It will be a string type attribute OldLinkedSource on the linked script, containing the previous value of the property LinkedSource which will be set to an empty string by the migrator.


Are all games with legacy badges just… no longer going to work?

They’ll continue to work.

LinkedSources will continue to load and execute , even in Studio test modes, but most Studio editing features will no longer work for linked source instances.

The only consequence to not migrating by May 20th is: after that date, if you open a place with LinkedSource scripts and continue to ignore the migrator, you will be unable to open those scripts in the script editor, insert copies of them through the Asset Manager, update the linked source asset on the website, etc. You will still be able to migrate them after May 20th, and if you do then after migrating them you’ll be able to read and modify them in the script editor again.


I disagree with this just because packages suck for multi-game things

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Wow, I’m surprised to see these stick around for so long.

As we’re on the topic of linked scripts, I’d like to bring attention to the fact that there are about a few dozen linked script sources that haven’t been usable for years. This is because of updates regarding asset permissions that restricted the downloading of off-sale Script assets not created by the Roblox account.

For example, here’s Version 5 of Crossroads, uploaded December 1st 2008. Every brickbattle weapon uses a linked source:


However, not all scripts were uploaded by Roblox, some were by Shedletsky, like this one. Because the asset is not publicly downloadable, Roblox is unable to load it, breaking the gear, and we can’t see what’s inside it.


This poses a big problem for legacy games and maps that rely on these scripts. It’s been like this for years and has never been fixed, so I’d like to know if it’s possible for the following script assets to either be made on-sale and accessible, or for their sources to be provided somewhere. Here’s a list of all the relevant brickbattle script sources that are currently inaccessible:

1014473 (SwordV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014474 (SwordGUIV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014539 (PaintballCleanupV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014540 (PaintballGUIV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014541 (PaintballProjectile by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014542 (PaintballLauncherV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014609 (TrowelBrickCleanUpV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014610 (TrowelGUIV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014611 (TrowelV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014616 (TimeBombV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014617 (TimeBombGUIV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014618 (TimeBombPlantV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014631 (SuperballGUIV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014632 (SuperballV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014633 (SuperballLauncherV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014650 (SlingshotGUIV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014651 (SlingshotV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014652 (SlingshotProjectileV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014653 (RocketLauncherGUIV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014654 (RocketLauncherV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)
1014655 (RocketLauncherRocketV1 by Shedletsky - 2007-04-12)

Additionally, here’s a list of all other script assets uploaded prior to 2014 that used to be publicly accessible before the change.

25966918 (ZombieScripts by darthskrill - 2010-04-21)
25967675 (ZombieScripts by darthskrill - 2010-04-21)
25969427 (zombeh by darthskrill - 2010-04-21)
38925440 (StarterScript by darthskrill - 2010-11-10)
45892470 (HuntScript by TransformersEvent - 2011-02-11)
48470388 (PopupScript by darthskrill - 2011-03-23)
48470417 (PlayerList by darthskrill - 2011-03-23)
48470423 (PopupScript by darthskrill - 2011-03-23)
50814141 (BackpackResizer by darthskrill - 2011-04-27)
50816767 (LogSections by Gemlocker - 2011-04-27)
57713096 (RBXStatus by darthskrill - 2011-07-27)
117997339 (ShardLevelScript by Games - 2013-06-04)
118005594 (ShardScript by Games - 2013-06-04)

It would be greatly appreciated from everyone if it can be considered to make the old brickbattle script sources publicly accessible, or maybe even the later script assets.


no, it’s a LinkedSource thing, Packages will still run as intended


Hi @xtremeguy2256 ,

Have you filed a bug about this yet? It sounds like the new asset rights are not taking into account what to do with LinkedSource or other assets that become unreachable but are still used by something.

On the other hand, if the original author of these scripts doesn’t make them public, there is not much we can potentially do.


I actually have not filed a bug report, I just didn’t think to do so for an issue that was this old. I have done so now, so thank you for mentioining that.


Thank you, I think it’s good to record this and hopefully we can address this for now and in the future we can avoid something like this from happening…


@Shedletsky help us out brother. Old gears are so important for archiving old assets.

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So basically, you are saying that LinkSources are gonna be Read-Only after this change?

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Nah I feel like this is generally the more popular opinion here, which is kinda saddening. I’m in that camp of very sentimental people who think nothing should ever just become lost media because a company has no interest in it anymore.

I think if this is Roblox’s mindset, and eventually they probably will adopt this mindset more and more, and if an old creator REALLY has no interest in their old content… just let us at least download it. Simple as.

I dunno if that would violate some sort of copyright law or what, though I sort of doubt it. Still, we should be able to get the keys to old projects nobody has interest in after so many years, like the 2008 Super Smash Blox and the TwoShue games I grew up with. Then if they really want, they can start deleting really old games that developers don’t go back to and save themselves a bit of maintainence fees, while the community has those old games backed up forever.

I’m sure there’s complications with that method, but I see wins all around there. Plus if an OG developer hears that Roblox is terminating old games that haven’t been updated for (5 to 10 years, I dunno) then they can choose to update it and make sure it doesn’t get purged. If not, the community gets a grace period to download it and then it’s gone.

Unfortunately, the only way for old games to become uncopylocked (downloadable) would be to get permission from the creator. I suppose if they haven’t passed away or ghosted themselves from the internet, you can still find their contact info and ask if they could do it. For example, I believe there’s a developer named Widgeon, who has given away the source code to his Aegis game to another development group after he abandoned it.

or… just wait 70 years until copyright expires