Support for more Avatar body types [Automatic Skinning Transfer]

Where are they? There not in my tool box

I forward this. Robloxian 2.0 has become the de-facto default for R15, so until a plain Rthro package comes out, I wish for Robloxian 2.0 to become more realistic so layered clothing works well. Keep in mind that I even set my body scale and proportions to 100% to give the most realistic scale.

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Use the search bar instead, that worked for me.
(the issue got fixed for me yesterday though)

Why not robloxian 4.0? They also look more realistic than that

Yeah it fixed for me as well. Idk what happened.

What is this supposed to mean? They’re part of the same system. Only difference between R6 and R15 are some rig details and the amount of parts/joints.

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