Surface GUI Flicker on a lot of Phones

Hey, Surface GUI are flickering on a lot of phones in many games since a While.
I have couple of bug report of it and saw many on other games Social media bug report channels too.
I tried several fix but nothing seems to work. It look like a Rendering issue.

Expected behavior

Surface GUI should not Flicker like the video above.


ive actually had this happen to me in many games, whether on pc, mobile, [phone/tablet] or laptop.

from what I’ve seen it depends on how far/close the plr is to the floating point, a good example is strong man simulator or sword factory (the original by samir) where your name start flickering, as well as starterGUI and even coregui like

ofc idk how far you are away from the center but id estimate if any of your x,y, or z values is more than 1000 or less than -1000 that may be the cause, i believe its Roblox sided because I’ve seen it happen on a graphics 1 iPhone and a max graphics Super gaming mode laptop like the one I’m using rn, (it can handle A TON yet it has the same ui glitch)

This appears to be a problem with text rendering as a whole, since it affects all GUIs

(tested on the same game on iphone 14 plus and was able to replicate)

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I’m pretty sure a similar bug report was made before. The text atlas is apparently smaller on mobile, so there is a tighter limit on how much text you can have on screen before it starts unloading and reloading text, creating a “flickering” effect.

@ThePoinball I think the only solution is to reduce the amount of text on-screen, and to re-use the same font properties when you need to have a lot of text.


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Hey, there’s actually a written source by an Admin on this:

I remember having this problem yesterday, though I switched from text size to using PixelsPerStud and it was pretty much fixed.

Hopefully this helps for the meantime.

Hi, we recently released several fixes (bumped up the texture limit for text, added a new property SurfaceGui.MaxDistance to allow developers to optionally specify the drawing distance for the surfacegui to reduce memory stress) for this, do you mind checking if this is still happening on your side? Thanks.


My experience was being severely affected by this issue and it seems it’s now been fully resolved, even without yet utilising the MaxDistance property of SurfaceGuis. If it ever comes up again I’ll know what to do. Thank you for this improvement :grinning:

Huge Thanks! it was exactly what we wanted!!!