Swap | Convert classes and copy, cut, and paste attributes, properties, and tags

I recreated the setup you described and I found no issues!


Word Highlights:

You’ll now see two colors when typing in Swap’s class converter. The least prominent indicates the predicted class and the second-most prominent indicates what will be filled if you press the Space bar or Tab key.

Below, the word “Image” in ImageLabel is instantly filled after pressing the space bar.


More Shortcuts!

Shortcuts for copying, cutting, and pasting instance data are finally here! You can now set individual keybinds (via the Roblox Studio shortcuts widget FILE > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts…) to open all three of the menus below, even while the Swap widget is closed.

Full Release Notes

Bug Fixes

  • Selecting a class which matches the text typed after selecting an invalid class will no longer glitch out the UI and make it appear as if the selected class cannot be converted

  • The class conversion dropdown will no longer appear if it was summoned via shortcut while there was no class chosen or valid class selected


  • To streamline class conversion shortcuts, all related keybinds will now disable when the widget is closed to avoid errors and prevent confusion about what class has been chosen


  • You’ll see an extra highlight on the predicted text to show you what will be filled if the Space bar or Tab key is pressed

  • Shortcuts for copying, cutting, and pasting attributes, tags, and properties are now available

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