System Menu Deprecation

Oh, another bug. RibbonBar turns the script editor cursor black on occasion and it’s really annoying when your script editor color is dark. This does not happen with SystemMenu, and the only fix is to re-open the script.


How exactly do you get it to look like that? Now that system menu is broken and they obviously don’t intend on fixing it, I’m forced to use ribbonbar (and I’m not happy). That looks at least tolerable.


I must say, that theme is fantastic.
Mind sending me the XML file for that?

P.S. If you want to stop Roblox Studio from overwriting files, just use my mod manager.

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That layout is seriously awesome, I would love to have an official format like that.

I’m definitely not a Ribbon Bar guy and seeing System Menu is lacking recent features and is deprecated, your layout encourages me to switch over even more. If layouts similar to yours were built in with the option to be set with yours and the current default, I bet more people may make the switch with the ease of important tools being in front of the user instead of having to switch over tabs just to get to miscellaneous tools that are used quite common.

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Does anyone actually like the RibbonBar’s design? It seems most people who use it change the XML file. Does anyone actually use the default RibbonBar and enjoy it?

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It’s a pretty reasonable layout for new users


It’s so restrictive to the developers who works with a given pipeline tool set, and I want to refer ROBLOX to a video from blender I find very comparable to how things are going on soon.

12:40-27:00 Covers what I mean mainly.

I don’t know I just find these situations very similar because of the simplistic little design of Ribbon just doesn’t cut it because it can hurt productivity.


Same, I can’t even play ROBLOX in general everything is so broken.


But what about the people actually making games? I don’t think New users are the ones making the games. As far as I can tell, the layout only appeals to the minority.

All I see are people editing the XML to look more like SystemMenu.

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What I would give to have an editor like Maya.

If you guys will be changing us over to ribbon at least consider making it a proper collaboration of both styles and give us more control over customizing our studio.

I’m pretty sure that you guys the developers to be comfortable and more importantly efficient in their workflow, and I think plenty might agree.


Sure, but that conversation has already been had several times in this thread. A friendly default UI is neccessary to keep new and young users engaged, and the prevailing consensus is that faster and more permanent customization is needed so that experienced devs can do their own thing.

Ya’ll should talk to nine year olds more often.

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IMO if the following is true

A smooth and powerful Studio experience is one of the best ways we can enable you all to keep creating amazing content and so if there are obstacles in your path we want to know about them.

Then removing SystemMenu for me at least will really jeopardise this.

##I am currently using…

  1. SystemMenu Default
  2. SystemMenu Modified
  3. RibbonBar Default
  4. RibbonBar Modified

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##The removal of SystemMenu will affect me/my workflow/productivity…

  1. Strongly Agree
  2. Agree
  3. Neither Agree or Disagree
  4. Disagree
  5. Strongly Disagree

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##In the future, I plan on using…

  1. SystemMenu Default
  2. SystemMenu Modified
  3. RibbonBar Default
  4. RibbonBar Modified

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We have to go back.
Not to the SystemMenu, but to the Legacy menu. See this post for a short explanation as to why this secret third option is in fact the superior one.

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Oh jeez, all this ranting in the thread.

I’ll be honest, I used to be just like you guys - SystemMenu 4ever, ignorant to change, never gonna use it.

But once I realized that some features weren’t working correctly in SystemMenu, such as the mobile emulator, I knew that if I wanted to stay up to date with the best ROBLOX Studio functionality, I had to move onto RibbonBar.

To this day, I still think the default layout isn’t very good, which is why I made my own modification of the Ribbon Bar XML file. Switching to RibbonBar was not the end of the world. I got used to it, and it works just fine for me.

With all that said, ROBLOX really needs to make customization support a top priority.

Some things it would be nice to have would include:

  • Tabs & Groups under Tabs
  • We should be able to create, rename, or remove certain tabs.
  • Element alterations
  • Drag/Drop items.
  • Switch between textundericon and textbesideicon
  • Toggle the display of text on an icon.
  • Create dropdown lists.
  • Allow us to add an options menu to a group (the same thing being used for Material Action as Tool)
  • Theme Options (that actually look nice)
  • Allow us to scale the height of the upper menu?

Is all of this way too complicated and insane for QTitanRibbon? Probably. But at the same time, if you guys want people to like RibbonBar more than SystemMenu, it needs to be just as flexable and configurable as SystemMenu is.


You need to open studio via the shortcut on your desktop, then before opening a place head to Tools->Settings. There will be an option called UIdisplay, or something along those lines. Change that from SystemUi to RibbonBar, close studio and re-open it.

It may not be as complicated as you think considering ROBLOX’s ribbon is a modified MS Office ribbon, and Office 2013 allows you to configure the ribbon freely:

For instance, here I’ve created a new group of buttons in the HOME tab (I can also create new tabs):

@UristMcSparks These poll results are frightening. Only about a third of users are satisfied with the default RibbonBar layout, which is substantially less than what the default interface should see. I’d recommend bumping up the improvement of RibbonBar to a high-priority issue so that at least the majority of Studio users can be satisfied with the interface. Since Studio’s ribbon is based off of the ribbon MS Office uses, hopefully it won’t be too difficult to implement something like tab/tab content configuration which is already supported in modern versions of MS Office.


Here’s a nice Ribbon regression:
Ribbon incorrectly cancels a multiple object selection when the mouse leaves the window this selection happens in.
As you can see, Legacy/SystemMenu handles this scenario correctly and identically to Windows. Thread.

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This is a poll I’d like to see.

(note, vote based on your preference based on the default SystemMenu and default, unedited RibbonBar)

##If both themes had the exact same features/support, which design would you prefer

  1. SystemMenu
  2. RibbonBar

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That poll doesn’t really make much sense because RibbonBar is pretty much the exact same thing as SystemMenu if you don’t use the ribbon and put everything in the quick access menu, bugs aside.

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