Task Library - Now Available!

Will core scripts get updated to use this library anytime soon? There’s usage of legacy wait,
spawn, delay in them

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Overtime we will transition to the new methods but since the existing ones will continue to work despite their deprecation there is no need to update them immediately.

Could someone do a before and after in performance, so i can see how much the task library actually helps?

I’m really loving the modernization of the lua language, great work team

Are there any thoughts about this issue? I do not feel safe using the task library because this makes it very easy to leak threads or have obscure bugs. Would like to know if there is any talk about changing it or if it will definitely not be changing.

We’re looking at fixes for this. It won’t be until the new year now, but I’ll be sure to leave an update when we have one.


Really good job Roblox! Is there going to be more functions to the library.

Is task.wait or this module better : Custom wait - the best solution to yielding!

My module is meant to fit for niche usecases where you need to have hundreds of accurate yields managed at once; in 99% of the usecases, you should use task.wait.

I released the module because I had the misfortune of having to optimize a very laggy codebase in a very short period of time, whose issues stemmed from having an absurd amount of wait calls.


I see thanks for answering me.


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