TC just trashed everything I did in the last hour (x2)

No autosave, no script recovery. Just standard tuesday night behavior: instant shutdown with no warning, all data lost.

This is the number one worst part about developing on roblox right now, by far. No other bug even approaches being as awful as this. And it can be fixed as easily as just making the session not close when it loses connection to the server.

Edit: It happened again. This time 4 hours gone. Wtf.

Anyone else who lost data tonight, Corecii has a solution that worked for me:

I think this is the directory where roblox stores the autosaves it makes when you play solo.


I’ve been noticing this as well. Even when I close Team Create myself, it won’t save any scripts that are open or any building I have done.


Just finished re-doing everything I did earlier and it happened AGAIN. Everything completely reset, again.

4 hours gone. This has been a problem for months. The fact that it’s been treated with such little priority is insulting. Studio needs a working save feature.


This appears to happen whenever you have a script open and the session closes. The first time it shut down because it’s tuesday (wtf??) and everything I had open got reverted. The second time it shut down because I opened another studio window (also wtf??) and once again everything I had open got reverted.

Have you checked Documents\Roblox\RecentSaves ? I lost progress the other day, but there was an automatic save there.

Doesn’t Roblox update on Wednesday mornings? I know in the past that Team Create would shut down when Roblox updated. It should still save. If it doesn’t, then that’s a serious bug.

I had my first real problem with saving the other day. Normally I’m shown script recovery or something, but this time nothing happened and I was left with an outdated version. I think a recent update broke Team Create saving and recovery.

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Yeah I’m just saying it’s a dumb reason to shut down a studio session

It’s already extremely gross that every week people making games get booted out of team create. No other game engine shuts down its tools every week.

But not even having it save properly when it closes? That’s just unacceptable.


This seems to happen every Tuesday when everything resets, but can happen if youre working on an unstable network connection.
Servers will reset and TC will typically instantly shut down or crash without warning, usually only minutes after a rollout has started.

I just dont do anything on Tuesdays anymore and it has negatively affected me as a developer.

Thanks for reporting that. I acknowledge, it happened to you already second week in a row, so we treat the issue as an emergency. Last week our research has not revealed the culprit, so this time we’re going try a different approach and see if we can reproduce the issue in the house. @IcyTides or I will keep you posted on the progress. We also may contact you directly to get more information about the issue.

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Another one of my scripts got reverted tonight

Looks like they have put out a fix for this today

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A couple of fixes went out last Thursday night (10/19) and Tuesday night (10/24).

The issues that were fixed include:

  • Script Recovery widget removing cache entries on deserialization failure
  • Script Recovery widget force closed, even with recovery entries
  • Team create disconnect dialog not allowing saving place locally and not allowing multiple reconnects

Known Script recovery issues that have not been patched yet:

  • Script recovery widget does not support UTF-8 properly

We understand that there are other issues surrounding team create servers, but the first step is to get a solid recovery process to prevent loss of data.