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The Dark Warriors

Group History (Old Thread)

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

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[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - The History of the Group
[4.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

This post is dedicated mainly to how the group suffered heavily during 2013 and all of the major events are recapped here for everyone to see (and for us to avoid). This post was made right before we made our massive debut in 2014 once more and regained our power and influence as a clan after many internal issues that crippled the community in 2013. None of 2014’s history is here, only 2013. But the ‘plans’ for 2014 came with the 2013 history post. Enjoy! :smiley:

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | The History of the Group (2013 Recap & Plans for 2014)]:black_small_square:

NOTE: For the sake of preserving historical pieces of text, I did not modify or fix any of the grammatical mistakes made in this thread as it symbolizes my younger days as the Venerius of Celvestia. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Welcome Celvestians, C&G, and all the community of roblox, 2013 was a year of frustration, confusion, drama, and the will to fight. 2013 was one of the most painful years that have affected TDW history. This year has left a shocking feeling and touching moments on all of us who have served for the Celvestian race. Saying goodbye to 2013, wasn’t very hard for us, most of us did not like the year, and we will share the moments of why and why not we like or don’t like 2013.
2013, looking back:

  • TDW was actually handed down to a HR named rrawesome who didn’t know how to lead and then gave up and gave it away to CalSwagDistrict and as I requested TDW back because I was done with IRL stuff, he refused and didn’t reply, and then Calswag gave TDW to one of his alts which then we made a trade, 3 limited for TDW, but when I put my limited on sale, he never got them, I laughed but I didn’t show it, heh, I got those limited back for free actually, so I am kind of glad.
  • TDW has tried to find new uniforms for months after our old maker flyboytay left us when he was serving a clan I made after I passed down TDW which I will get into later. After so long I finally found a Uniform maker named GrayCreed, praise I found him, he made very high quality uniforms for FREE, I was very happy because I was on a tight budget buying everything I need for TDW.
  • The logo, our logo, the black circle with an arrow pointing down on “TDW”. After finally getting myself 5k robux, I ordered a logo which is now the current logo for TDW, and since it was almost christmas time I ordered a christmas version of the logo and the maker gave me 2 christmas versions for the price of one.
  • The fort, heck I was terrible at building (yes you can gloat in that swagger and riot) but I knew I had to do something and my best builders robloxriot9000, swaggertj7, six80, ninjabj99, and others were all busy or IRL issues. After getting the 5k robux I ordered xXSheldonCooperXx to create us a City fort which is now known as the “Capitol of Celvestia” though the thumbnail says “Capital of Celvestia” I like saying Capitol with a “o” not an “a”.
  • HRs, we didn’t have as many HRs back in 2013, but in the end of the year of 2013, TDW spiked in HRs amounts and our activity has been boosting in defense raids and trainings.
  • The wars, we were not the most active in wars this year, for one the war with Crossed Gun’s we won on them we led the score 1-0 and then 2 to 4 weeks of inactive war which we then declared a victory. Other wars with EAA, SHOA/RDA, started to lead up to a CG war, a war of inactivity, and we led both wars with 1-0 and 2-0 and we had a FB with EAA and we won, RDA/SHOA Surrendered and they did not want a FB.
  • Leadership, Oh dear this aims directly at me and the HRs, mostly me since the Hrs never really host much (they do now) as a leader I actually lost hope at many points, 2013 was the year of isolation and destruction of the TDW system and it’s way of life. I passed down my leadership many times, even hosted elections, but I never had the heart to give it away and keep it like that. I even resulted in giving the clan to ninjabj99 and then creating ~{-Vengeance-}~ which was more advanced then TDW before, vengeance today compared to TDW makes Vengeance look like trash, but back to the topic. My purpose for Vengeance was to avenge TDW and its impact on the clan world, Vengeance was much more strict and serious then TDW (back then) and it was the result of FlyBoyTay our Uniform maker (he actually copies uniforms, PFFFT) quitting and doing absolutely nothing on roblox till now (he now serves in super hero clans LOL! And he does super hero training, OMG XD). But leaving TDW came with a cost, I saw TDW crumble even worse, from 160 members it dropped to 10 because one of our old HRs exiled a ton of members and removed every ally, seeing this I was enraged and I decided to make a video deciding either we choose to go back to TDW or stay in Vengeance, as a result we all moved to TDW.
  • Many people think the culprit was smartjc123 a very immature person who liked the old ways of TDW when we were extremely un-strict, un-organized, and just plain stupid, he now serves USA and country groups LOL. After a while of serving TDW I then passed it down to ninjabj99 again and then Created -=The United Imperium=- it was actually doing very well at first but then I felt homesick and wanted to return to TDW and then I shut it down and returned back to TDW, which then made everyone sick and tired of this and finally asked me if I will stay with TDW forever or move permanently, I made an oath, am extremely emotional oath, that I will stay with TDW till the end of my years in roblox. After all this I returned back to TDW and started rebuilding it and here we are today, looking back at all this.
  • Our Impact, we have left a mark on robloxia everywhere, many do not know us still, but we will fix that in 2014, I have HUGE plans to kick off the year.
  • Finally our members and the massive exilation, Our 2IC XArtizanX, one of the strategists of TDW, he is a very wise person, but his decisions for TDW, left us in the gutter while others flourish. His plans were always to extensive and much to detailed to be put into plan, some were not even in our code to be allowed to put into order. After much time, I finally accepted the idea of exiling our 4000 members, and after hours of exiling we had 160+ people that were actually active in TDW (later after the exilation most went inactive). XA’s plan after exilation was to establish an academy “The Dark Warriors Grand Acadamy” I advertised it and got us only 30 members, I didn’t use much money just 1k robux that’s it. After a while the academy was a failure and the mass exilation left us even worse then before, after all this we sent XArtizanX into EXILE!
  • The end of 2013, after the hardest of times, we believed, we fought, and we thrived, and our prayers are answered, the end of 2013 was the best part of the whole year, everything flourished, old HRs returned, new uniforms, bases, TG’s and much more, and the return of the man who was one of the main reasons I lost hope in TDW, XArtizanX.

I believe I covered a lot of events in TDW, I know I forgot a lot more of them, some not even worth talking about, some to severe. But as we have closed the 2013 year and looking forwards to the new year ahead of us, I have some plans for TDW in the future, and I shall spoil some to all of you.

2014, looking to the future:

  • To kick off the year we are starting off with advertising, since we have EVERYTHING SET, all we need is our members and numbers back, the only thing clans respect nowadays is activity and numbers. TDW was a clan of major activity, even now, we have 270+ members and we bring 20-40+ people to events, our minimum amount of people at events are 10+. Anyway, my plan is to get myself 1 MILLION TICKETS, yes I know that is a BIG number, but we lost a BIG number of people in the exilation so, we need a BIG number to fill it back in, we are hoping it gets us more then we had last year in 2013.
  • The wars of 2014 will leave C&G speechless, we are aiming at some big names and superclans and powerclans alike once we establish a good community and a systematic base foundation. We are setting our eyes on a superclan we have defeated in war in before.
  • Events and giveaways, since TDW will grow, we will host daily games, events, and fun activities for both the clan world and TDW to enjoy, and do not worry, their will be prizes!
  • Race/Planet/Technology, as we have finally established our race name, the Celvestians, our technology will be far more advanced and our bases will be the basic foundation of our technology. As we advance into the future, so does our tech and power.
  • Overall, 2014 is our year, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE! 2013 gave us a glimpse of a dark era, TDW is the seed and 2014 is our ticket to growth.

I gave you a couple of spoilers of what I am planning to do for TDW in 2014, and I have gaven you all a glimpse of 2013 for TDW, the year of Corruption, not all of 2013 was bad, towards the end of 2013 we finally got everything established and we are finally ready to take on the clan world.
2014 is the year of the Dark Warriors! THE DARK WARRIORS OF ROBLOXIA!


Good luck to everyone in 2014, you will need it.

  • Signed TDW Commander
  • The Community of TDW

:black_small_square:[4.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

“Signed TDW Commander”, I love how I did signatures back then. So simple yet straight to the point. Looking back at old posts and reading up on history about the group, good or bad, just reminds me of all the memories and experiences I created with all the members of this amazing community. I don’t bother to look back on all the negatives of history but rather the positives that outshine the negatives. Thank you to all the Celvestians that made this trip down memory lane worth while. You will always have a special place in my heart, especially the Celvestians who made 2014 one of our best years ever. We truly made a significant leap from 2013 to 2014. All because of you. As always, remember to stay true to your heart of gold Celvestian.

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.



[TDW] The Story of TDW. (OLD! 2012 - 2015!)